i wasn't expecting the scale to be up 1.4 pounds this morning so i'm a bit disappointed - my goal to lose 5 pounds by the wedding certainly didn't happen but what can you do (perhaps its too much iced coffee?)... i felt that towards the beginning of summer, i would surely be down a few pounds since i was getting more comfortable with running, but the 3x/week is just not going to cut it anymore... my body is more than likely used to the routine and its up to me to shake things up (broken record i know, sorry!)... i feel that my priorities have really shifted lately - so i need to focus on my goals again and start making progress... i'm REALLY tired of being in the 160s... :o(

i went to kohl's last night to find a skirt for the rehearsal dinner and ended up buying a cute summer dress, 2 wonder bras, a body slimmer, and an awesome necklace (all on sale, mind you)... so much for only needing one thing, ugh hate when that happens... i am quite impressed w/the bras though - i've never owned a wonderbra and now understand why it's called just that... for someone that's an A+/B- cup, i have wonderful cleavage now! ;o)

work is picking up again, i am redesigning an investor awareness brochure series (7 total) so that will take up a big chunk of my time... at lunch, i'm meeting a friend to hand-off the baby shower presents for this weekend and then after work, i have to run to frederick and get my haircut (colored it last night)... and after THAT, i have to make 'mexican rollups' for the potluck tomorrow and paint my toenails - man, i will be so glad when this week is over...

happy hump day...

Anonymous –   – (10:09 AM)  

Geesh - you are one busy woman!! Don't let the weigh-in get you down. Keep on running and those lbs will come off soon!

Kim  – (10:43 AM)  

You are one busy woman!! I'm sorry to hear about the gain. That blows. I'm up today too. Grrrrrrr. Just keep doing what you know works and the body will have to follow along at some point!!

Good luck with your list of "to-do's"!!! :)

Cory  – (11:00 AM)  

Glad I'm not so busy, yet! Sorry to hear about the gain, but the weight will go if you keep doing the right stuff. Do you take your measurements?

Anne  – (12:38 PM)  

Don't worry about the gain. Summers are harder, well I find. There aer just so many events you know?! It will come off, I know. Congrats on the scores while shopping :)

CaRoLyN  – (1:07 PM)  

I know this week is dragging by so slowly!!
Don't get discouraged about the gain, just means you'll have a bigger loss next week! You're so busy! I don't know how you'll find the time to get an extra run in! Good luck, you are doing fantastic!!

Greta & Gurdy  – (2:51 PM)  

I hate those gains....the ones you don't expect. But you know you're still doing incredibly well! And so dang busy...sheesh. And how about this heat? Had enough of this. Blah.

ThickChick  – (8:09 PM)  

Ah! You're still doing awesome and you're probably right, just need to shake up the exercise or add an additional workout to your week.

Sounds like you're one busy mama this week - hopefully things simmer down a bit after the pal's wedding??

angelfish24  – (10:48 PM)  

Sorry to hear about your gain. It'll be off next week, right!
Sound like you got some good deals at Kohl's. We have that somewhere around here but not in my area.

I would kill for the 160's so ya ain't doing so bad!

Chris H  – (11:30 PM)  

You are so busy I bet that gain gets dissolved quick smart! Wonder bras! Might need one if I ever lose the extra kilos!!!

Ro  – (9:23 AM)  

You have a busy weekend ahead of you but dont fret you and the new wonder bra should be fine ;~)
Have a great weekend!

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