sorry for the late post, it was a crazy day and tomorrow will be even crazier... anyhoo, the scale showed a nice, big .4 pound loss this week so i'm happy it's continuing to move down (though smaller each week it seems)... i did make a point of getting 30 mins on the eliptical today and will try my best to get to the gym tomorrow too, though i'm not sure w/my current workload that will be possible... we'll see what happens...

this will have to be a short because i'm on my way out the door to meet a girlfriend for dinner - she picked doughboys and according to their website, they do have other things besides pasta... the name alone, has added 2 pounds so i'll do my best to make a good choice... :o)

happy hump day...

angelfish24  – (1:39 AM)  

Way to go on your loss this week! As for your nice bloggers awards....I like Hilly too, she's funny and did check on roni's page last week and what an inpiration and great recipes!

Amuldoon  – (10:08 AM)  

As loss is a loss my friend.

Mmmm. Dough. Sounds delicious.

KL  – (11:21 PM)  

I'm proud of you for your loss!

TrixieBelden  – (10:41 PM)  

congrats on your loss!

i missed your friday post. i hope everything is okay with you!

Grumpy Chair  – (6:39 PM)  

Good work!

Girl, you are too cute!! I loved your pictures from the football game.

health watch center  – (2:51 AM)  

hi buddy

ohoh tats gr8 to hear that u have loss 4pounds,keep going on buddy

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