its just a shirt

one of my friends is having her first baby this october (a boy) and because i'll be in NJ next weekend for the wedding - i have to miss the baby shower... granted, i'm not the biggest fan of having things passed around the room with accompanying "ohhhs and ahhhs" BUT i would like to be there when she opens this up (you can find more at she has a twisted sense of humor so i know she'll appreciate it, hopefully someone will get a picture and send it to me... ... :o)

don't you hate it when the day AFTER your weigh-in, the scale goes down... *boo*hiss*

eric & i had a lovely dinner and by the time we got to the mini-golf place - they were closed... what kind of place closes at 9:00 during the summer? um hello? i was a bit pissed but at least he got to see the course, thru the fence, and commented on how nice it was... so no golf but we took a nice stroll instead and then went home to watch tv and relax... :o)

ugh, my boss just sent us performance evaluations - i hate doing those... granted, i've never gotten a bad review but still - its still a pain in the ass to list all of your past projects, explain what you did, and what obstacles you may have had to overcome (difficult coworker, vendor, etc.)... guess i know what i'll be doing tomorrow... :o(

happy thursday...

Dee  – (5:02 PM)  

That onesie is WICKED! Please tell me where you got it!

Randi  – (5:11 PM)  

Did I hear you correctly? Did you just boo and hiss after saying the scale went down? Shut up and love it! who cares when it comes!
Super cute baby present, love it!

~♥ Amanda ♥~  – (7:13 PM)  

that is a really cute onesie!!! great idea!

Amazon Alanna  – (8:03 PM)  

Strangely, my friend Julie is getting a shirt as a baby shower gift. One that says "Dingo snack" across the chest. Fun!

Steph  – (9:16 PM)  

OMG - love that onesie!!! I saw one the other day that said "Don't you wish your mom was as hot as mine?".....too cute!! By the way - how is your foot doing - all healed?

Sonya  – (10:06 PM)  

That is the best onesie ever!!!!!

CaRoLyN  – (10:15 AM)  

YAY the cut onsie!
BOO the performance evaluation!

Have a good weekend!!

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