halfway back to normal

hello, all... thanks to all who sent me well-wishes while sick - i'm feeling better but am still pretty congested and coughing... i didn't do much of anything yesterday at eric's besides watch the skins game and then the colts/packers game later (which was really good!) but on saturday, i went to the food show w/my mom... i wasn't feeling much like myself but think being out i the fresh air and out of my apartment might've helped me feel more normal... paula's show was fun to watch but we barely made it because they were very unorganized and not prepared for such a crowd (the line was unbelievable)... over 2,500 people crammed into a section of the convention center to watch her make gumbo, hearty cornbread, and pumpkin ooey gooey cake - talk about mmm mmm good... and yes, she used a LOT of butter... :o)

for the rest of the day - we walked around to all the booths, tried a lot of samples, watched another cooking demo, sat-in on a flower decorating class, and had MORE samples... the only thing i bought was some curry sauce and 2 biscottis from this cute little bakery, not bad in my opinion considering what was there... not sure if i'd go again but we'll see who they have next year...

in other news - i found out that alton brown (also from the food network) is going to be doing a demo AND book signing at our annual meeting next year... i about feel off my chair this morning in a meeting when i heard that - i love him and love his shows so this will be tough... do i look for a new job or stick around 6 more months so i can meet him? decisions decisions...

i'm going to be slammed for the next 2 weeks so my postings may be pretty sporadic... besides coming-up with a design for the annual meeting - i have to design AND build a website to promote it ... it normally wouldn't be a huge deal but they want it done by the end of the month and i'm out the week of thanksgiving - can you say stressed-out?!?!

happy monday...

kelly  – (7:45 AM)  

i love paula deen, she is so cute!!

Mel  – (8:34 AM)  

I think Paula Deen is adorable and so full of life although the way she cooks I don't know how healthy that life is! Alton Brown cracks me up and I would love to meet him and see if he is that way in real life. Good luck with the new site!

Greta & Gurdy  – (9:48 AM)  

so glad you're feeling better.
I LOVE Alton Brown. That is a tough decision....stay and meet him or go and not? Hmmm. Good luck on that one!

marie  – (10:42 AM)  

wow - decisions, decisions.

glad you had a good time at the food show and are on the mend. good luck with all of that work though! i'm sure you'll make a kickass site :)

CaRoLyN  – (2:50 PM)  

Hmmm tough one!

The Food show sounds like so much fun! I would LOVE to go to someting like that. wish we had those things around these parts! Although I would probably end up overindulging and then feeling regretful! Ahh well...you did great!

Lilianna's mommy  – (10:15 AM)  

Hey Jodi, first off, love your new page layout, looks great!

I would Love to go to a food and cooking show, cooking is my passion. If I hadn't taken graphic design in school I would have taken culinary arts. My husband and I watch Paula Dean all the time just to see how much butter and/or mayo she'll use and in what. It's astounding!

I feel your pain about the website design and building, going through the same thing right now. An art director I know is found of saying "This job would be perfect if it weren't for the clients!"

Good to see you'e so close to goal, good for you!


Kate  – (11:53 AM)  

Tag your it, if you would like to play!

Candace  – (3:10 PM)  

Good luck on the site and deadline. Glad you're on the mend.

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