i don't have time for a real post today, since i'm slammed at work, but i just wanted to share something that just happened... i was over at the president's office and as i was walking back, his assistant stopped me in the hallway... she goes, "i never know what someone's going to say, because i don't know how they're going to react, but i just wanted to tell you that you look fabulous - have you lost a lot of weight?" and for the first time i responded, "yes, i have and thank-you!"

i usually have some lame comment because i'm horrible at receiving compliments (just ask eric) but this time it was different ... i KNOW i've lost weight and i KNOW i've worked my ass-off to get where i am... granted, it's taken a while but who cares - i'm in such a better place now than i was 3-years ago and it feels really great... eric's sisters also noticed my weightloss over thanksgiving so i guess it's becoming obvious to people that i've lost weight... i've been wearing more form-fitting clothes too maybe that's part of the reason - who would've thought that wearing the correct size can make you look good... ;o)

happy tuesday...

Steph  – (4:45 PM)  

Way to go girl! You are beautiful and look fantastic - you should sport that and be PROUD!!!

WOOHOO for NSV's!!

Chris H  – (6:49 PM)  

Well isn't that so nice!!! Must have made your day.... and you deserve it too!!!

Anne  – (8:06 PM)  

What a great NSV!! I also have been getting compliments lately and it never occured to me why until I read your post. I'm wearing clothes that fit me now! No more swimming in shirt and pants where no one can see my shape.

k  – (9:15 PM)  

That's Awesome...way to wear your new skinny self with pride.

Tina  – (9:42 PM)  

That's a great NSV! Glad I found your page. I will come back again. Love the way you write. Great job with your goal. 26 pounds is something to be very proud of and I'm sure is VERY noticeable. - Tina

Trish  – (11:04 PM)  

Yay! NSV comments are great and your reaction, great too. I need to work on my reactions because like you I am completely awful at compliments on me or my work to the point that I would rather not have any made my way at all :|

Greta & Gurdy  – (7:30 AM)  

That is awesome!!!! Both on the compliment and your being able to accept it! People don't always understand that its hard for some of us to accept so its great you did!!

John from Grand Haven, MI  – (3:41 PM)  

nice! any time you have the president's assistant hitting on you it's good for the career. it's not WHAT you know...

Laura  – (11:13 PM)  

That is great!!! It's those kind of comments that can motivate you even more.

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