vacation is only 1 day away

i'm in an easy-going mood today considering the rainy weather today - i was up early, came in to work, and began my day w/a cup of hot coffee and my usual, sugar-free hazlenut creamer... i've made progress on the website project but can only go so far until i get copy - such is the life of a designer... they expect you to 'create' when there's nothing to create with, do they not understand that?!?! anyway, i'm hoping to have at least the homepage done tomorrow since i'll be out for a week, and that will give them time to work on everything else... and if not, i'm not going to worry about it! :o)

plans for this evening include going to see 'bladerunner' w/eric since it's the last night they're showing this special edition on the big screen... i'm not sure if we'll have time to grab dinner beforehand but i'm looking forward to hitting that vietnamese place i talked about a few weeks ago... i know i can have a really healthy and inexpensive meal there, plus have leftovers for lunch tomorrow so who can complain about that...

speaking of food - when i was at the store the other night, i picked-up barilla's new whole grain pasta (3-points a serving!)... so for dinner - i cooked frozen shrimp w/garlic and butter, and then tossed them w/the penne, some olive oil, some parmesean cheese, and dried basil... i think the whole meal came to like 6 points (i also had a side salad) and i was completely satisfied... :o)

i couldn't stay awake for 'life' last night but managed to watch paula deen make an amazing pumpkin cheesecake and pear fritters - i swear, how can she NOT weigh 500 pounds! she also did pecan chicken but i would so chose the cheesecake over that any day! mmm mmm...

happy thursday...

ThickChick  – (1:24 PM)  

Haha, I'm surprised that she isn't giant either - that lady cooks the FATTIEST things ever and they have the nerve at the gym to turn several of the tvs onto Food network! ;)

I didn't realize you were going on vacation! Have a great one!

Laura  – (7:26 PM)  

I love Paula Deen...and pumpkin cheesecake sounds awesome!

angelfish24  – (8:02 PM)  

I liked that movie bladerunner too, haven't seen it in a long time. Glad you made progress on your web work, that must feel good. Thanks for the comment on my blog today, I appreciate it.

Anne  – (9:32 PM)  

I have no idea who Paula Dean is but have a great vacation!!!

WeightBGone  – (10:22 PM)  

Have fun at the movies and congrats on the weight loss.

It sure does slow down as you get closer to goal but you are doing great!

Roni  – (10:57 PM)  

Paula Deen CRACKS me up. She actually said one time .... "What did you think I would make a recipe without butter, well you were wrong" Then proceeded to dump 2 sticks in whatever she was making.


I like her but I can't cook like that.

TrixieBelden  – (11:30 PM)  

I love shrimp for dinner too. I should try your recipe some night.

Have a great time on vacation - I didn't realize you were going away either. (Guess I haven't been paying attention! :)

Oh, and I've been meaning to tell you that we have a Pittsburgh/ Maryland connection. I grew up in a suburb of Pittsburgh and I now live in College Park, MD. Small world!

And thanks for your comment on my blog. It mean a lot.

Sizzle  – (10:23 AM)  

i really like that whole grain pasta- it's good stuff!

Teresa  – (12:10 PM)  

OMG you watch Food Porn too! Paula Deen, what can I say, that Southern accent, the butter, the food, what a hoot. As you said how she doesn't way 300 poundsis amazing.

Presume you are heading off on Thanksgiving vacation. Have a wonderful celebration.

CaRoLyN  – (1:03 PM)  

I'm literally drooling now. Yum. Sounds so good. I seriously cound;t be around that stuff or I would weigh 500 lbs. Honestly. My will power seems to be limited these days so I avoid cheesecake at all cost!

Have a great vaca!!!

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