nothing better than warm chips

i love cold and rainy fridays... not... i hope it's not going to be like this the whole weekend - eric and i are heading to my sister's tomorrow.. she told me this week that they've already had snow... S N O W people, and it's maryland! that's just wrong! guess i'll be packing my down coat for the trip... :o(

man his week flown-by - guess being busy at work has helped... i made progress w/my conference design, now i just have to go thru the chain of command (all the way to the pres) and get final approval... once that is done, i can start designing the website for launch in early december... i've been researching javascript stuff since i'm not a fan of using flash for menus - so far, so good... :o)

food/exercise have been good this week, minus last night - eric and i had dinner w/some friends and we had mexican (my downfall, as we all know!)... i had one light beer, some chips & salsa, a wondeful salad that i split w/eric, and the crab & shrimp enchiladas... i will have to be extra careful w/my points this weekend since i'm sure i used most of my flexies on that meal but such is life - i have no regrets because it was really good... :o)

i haven't done my
top 5 in a while so here's some frozen food items that you may find interesting (and make for a quick meal)...

—healthy choice has come out w/a new line of
cafe steamers
—jimmy dean is offering d-lights breakfast samiches (1/3 calories and 1/2 fat)
—looking for something organic? maybe amy's has something you can try
—if you love eggnog, then you'll love edy's slow churned ice cream (3 pts serving)
—looking for something quick? maybe
lean pockets can be an option (ww points are listed too!)


hope you all have a great weekend... happy friday...

iportion  – (7:16 PM)  

the Mexican place closed down here.
My husband loves Mexican style food

Chris H  – (10:36 PM)  

Yik to snow... I hate being cold! Poor you with winter looming. Hope you have a neat weekend anyway.

marie  – (8:58 AM)  

I've actually been hoping for snow. It tends to be a bit warmer when it falls versus the rain and winds we've had all week here in Ontario!

Have a great weekend :)

Kate  – (10:17 AM)  

I've been waiting on snow! I love to ski!

I heard about the Jimmy Dean sandwiches, and I've seen them in stores, but I haven't had a chance to try them. If you do, let me know how they are!

Laura  – (12:52 AM)  

I live in East Texas and would give anything for some snow. Never get it and when we think we do it is really ice and everyone is then without power for days if not weeks.

Amazon Alanna  – (12:30 PM)  

When is the snow going to reach NY? I'm dying for a snow day up here.

You are right on about Edy's eggnog is fabulous, and I mean it: Fab. U. Lous!

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