quick post today since i have a shitload of work to do on this website project... once again, i was amazed at the scale this morning and expecting a gain, especially after this weekend... but no, it was being very kind and said i was down .6 pounds so i'm pretty happy... i know the closer i get to goal, the slower the weight will come off so i'm going to enjoy these losses as much as i can... :o)

i watched biggest loser last night and i'm glad they got rid of amy - she was such a downer... yea, she tried to make-up for it by becoming part of the black team and working out w/julian but she just seemed so negative all the time... i WAS impressed however, with her progress after the show - here kids were adorable! :o)

good luck to everyone else who's weighing-in today... :o)

happy hump day...

Jeni  – (9:46 AM)  

Awesome job! You are getting so close to your goal weight! What are you planning as a celebration when you get there? You need to treat yourself to something (not food of course!) Woo hoo you are rocking!

Teresa  – (10:20 AM)  

Down is down, good for you. So close to goal. Have a wonderful day.

marie  – (10:26 AM)  

Congrats on the loss!!!

I agree - she was a downer and the fact that she tried to make it all about her not getting picked to go home as well was a bit much. She's not the only one missing her family. I am glad that she continued the program when she went home though. She has done well.

~♥ Amanda ♥~  – (10:49 AM)  

congrats on the loss!!!!

Anonymous –   – (1:08 PM)  


And hey, you and I have the same weigh in day! And double hey, I don't know which of my URL's to use when I comment now!

Cory  – (4:10 PM)  

Congrats! Keep up the good work!

iportion  – (5:17 PM)  

congrats on your loss

I've seen only one episode since I do not have basic cable. I am not sure about the biggest loser. I liked the trainers and the people from the states who were booted. I don't like that it punishes slow losers. I'd like to see a weight loss show where trying and teamwork is emphasized

Anne  – (8:25 PM)  

Whoohoo! Nice loss. So true, as we near our goal the losses are smaller but we'll get there!!

I'm glad Amy is gone too. She had a crabby attitude, I was also suprised at how well she did after the show.

Greta & Gurdy  – (8:19 AM)  

you just keep on rockin!!! That's fantastic!!
I totally agree about amy on BL, I was glad to see her go.

Candace  – (8:38 AM)  

Congrats on the loss. You're getting so close and it's nice to see you moving again. I just think of the slower losses as getting ready for maintenance, LOL.
This is my 2nd weigh in the 150s and I think I'll stick around this time. My head has been stuck somewhere else for a while, but me and my tracker are back.

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