time to decorate

hi everyone, sorry i haven't posted since last week - friday was super busy for me (since i'm off this week) and then i got talked-in to going for a drink after work by my boss and a few other coworkers... one glass of wine turned into three, then there was bar-food, and then there was champagne - holy moly... i really struggled with whether i should go or not, besides not wanting to spend a lot of money on alchohol, i also see it as empty calories and a big deterrent on my weightloss... is that bad??? i've never been a huge social-drinker anyway so most of the time, i feel uncomfortable being around those that do because i'm not partaking in the "let's drink til we get drunk" thing... i guess it was just how i was raised and the friends i hung-out with - we just didn't do that sort of thing... anyway, it WAS fun and luckily - no hangover found me on saturday so all was good... :o)

saturday, i spent the day at my mom's helping organize the spare bedroom so eric and i could take the daybed to his brother's this week... i was there ALL DAY and then headed over to eric's saturday night for some much-needed R&R... yesterday, we had a quiet morning and then headed back to my mom's to take apart the bed, load it into the truck, and then help her w/a few other things since the more hands, the better... she made turkey potpie for lunch and it was SO GOOD - nothing like a home cooked meal to make you feel good... we then went home and watched the skins play an AWESOME game against the cowboys - i know they lost but i feel they played their guts out and deserve many kudos! :o)

eric had to work today so i did some things around his house this morning before coming home and tackling my christmas decorations... i have lit garland on my balcony, around my fireplace, and on my hosier cabinet, and my tree is lit, but not decorated - think i'll finish that tonight... my goal is to hit the gym for the 5:30 spin class so i need to get going soon, and then i may hit big lots to see what sort of decorations they have (i'm in such the christmas spirit now!)... we're leaving for pittsburgh tomorrow morning, then we head to state college on wednesday for his huge, family thanksgiving (100+), and then it's back home on friday...

i hope you all have a wonderful thanksgiving and for those that have to travel, please be safe...

happy monday...

angelfish24  – (5:13 PM)  

Hope you have a nice holiday!! And already up with the tree? Guess I'm not in the mood yet. We usually get our tree in early December or even later. My son loves all the lights and things so I should make the effort then and I will.

Sizzle  – (5:22 PM)  

happy thanksgiving!

iportion  – (8:23 PM)  

I am still buying gifts a:-)
I don't drink. I iminagine how much money I'd spend if I did.

Anne  – (9:55 PM)  

Happy Thanksgiving!
I am so into the decorating too :)

Sonya  – (11:38 PM)  

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! (I'm Canadian, so I already celebrated last month - but I'm living vicariously through all you Americans).

Drinking + bar food = so dangerous. But good once in awhile.;-)

CaRoLyN  – (8:24 AM)  

Have a great Thanksgiving! It's such a huge deal down there. Up here in Canada, it's really not a big Holiday

Glad you are getting in the Christmas spirit! I keep putting out more and more christmas decorations each night! Tree is going up this weekend! Can't wait!

browneyedmaris  – (9:00 AM)  

I haven't been in the Christmas spirit until this weekend when I put up lights on the balcony and made room for the tree. Now I'm so excited for Christmas and I cannot wait to get the tree!

Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

Vickie  – (11:53 AM)  

have a great time!!!
I am trying to picture Thanksgiving with 100+ people. . .

Teresa  – (12:24 PM)  

I'm with you about wasting calories on alcohol, definitely rather eat than drink.

Have a great Thanksgiving! Enjoy the celebrations.

ThickChick  – (4:46 PM)  

I CANT get over the 100+ people holiday you're attending! That is wild! I guess my family is so small, 100 people seems inconceivable! I think there will only be 6 humans and 2 dogs at my family Thanksgiving this year! =)

Trish  – (8:33 PM)  

OMG 100+??? Wowsers :P

I cannot believe your Christmas stuff is up, lol - bah humbug!

I hope you are have a good week off :) Happy Thanksgiving!

goodwincr  – (10:28 PM)  

Please show your support, these gentlemen are going to need it!!!


totegirl  – (8:42 PM)  

What's a hosier cabinet? I can't believe you're going to such a humungous thanksgiving! I can't imagine doing those dishes!! So, hope you made it to spin class, please post pics of your decorations, and by the way, I tagged you! "See" you soon!

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