i'm semi-famous

day: 5/30

a few weeks ago, i submitted a graphic for a website that i found re: daring yourself to do something and its finally been posted... mine is the first one in the top row
(jodi, 35), check it out here --> daring female... i should send an email and thank her for letting me design my own too - maybe i can start a business doing icons for blogs - how fun would that be... :o)

my book, when women stop hating their bodies, came today - i can't wait to begin reading it... unfortunately i won't have ANY time this weekend - eric and i will finally be painting his living room, the sample swatches have only been on the walls for months (i remember it was cold outside)... we also need to start getting ready for our garden party next week - so much for having a few people over, looks like there might be 30+ coming... yikes, what were we thinking?!?! if anything, it gives me a good excuse to hang these awesome lights on his backyard covered patio - screw making food, i'd rather decorate!!!

day 5 is going well, had some freshly picked blueberries and raspberries w/yogurt for lunch and did my weights at the gym... i need to research classes at the gym near eric's so i can plan my weekend workout - hopefully i can get in at least one spinning class, if not two... its supposed to be in the 90s this weekend and very humid so if i went for a walk, it would have to be at 6:00am... i love summer but this humidity is killing me...

hope you're having a great friday and enjoy your weekend...

p.s. weigh-in will be on monday morning, wish me luck!

Sonya  – (5:44 PM)  

Thanks for visiting my blog, and I really appreciate your comment!

Aren't berries and yogurt delicious? I am going through a major blueberry phase right now.

And I love the graphics!!!!

iportion  – (9:05 PM)  

Congrats on being daring :-)

crackmonkee  – (11:32 PM)  

I hope you have a great weekend and good luck with your weigh-in on Monday :)

Living to Feel Good  – (1:01 AM)  

That's a good I dare! It's so visually appealing too.

A garden party oh I love them! How fun! Decorating for it is also a plus. I try to limit our gatherings to the holidays because I can get myself in trouble with the decorating. ;)

Good luck on WI! Have a great weekend!

The Venus  – (10:19 AM)  

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I like your graphic, looks really good!

Sounds like you have a lot going on. I bet your garden party will be a smash!

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