yea, that's blood

day: 10/30

why on EARTH would i wear a white shirt when i knew i was having a mole removed today, and there could be a potential of bleed-thru? because nothing else looked right w/these pants but instead of changing, i wore it anyway... by the time i got to work, i had a nice blob on my back so my poor coworker had to put more bandages over what they gave me and so far, so good... luckily i have an office cardigan that i have when it gets cold so i've been wearing that... had to buy some waterproof bandages so i can shower tomorrow and the stitches come out in two weeks, how exciting... i had a revelation while being numbed too - why can't tattoo artists numb you before they start? makes sense to me and yes, i have 4 and yes, i'll probably get another one (eventually)... :o)

since i was home this morning, i hopped on the scale and it read - get this - 164.4... i guess 168 was pretty far off so i'm not sure what i should use as my first WI - maybe 165? i've been very good w/my food and keeping track of everything so maybe its working... imagine that, a plan that works when you follow it... i was starving a few mintues ago and bought a bag of those cheddar soy chips (2 pts) and boy were they tasty... i really need to bring in more snacks for the afternoon, yogurt and fruit for lunch aren't doing it for me...

the only exercise i've done today is a brief walk so i'm trying not to feel guilty - i don't want to do anything that will screw up my stitches so i will take this as rest day (plus its really starting to hurt)... so as far as my challenge goes, i've missed 2 days but other than that, i think i'm doing well... at least i'm doing good on the food part which is what i expected...

happy hump day...

iportion  – (6:08 PM)  

Sorry about your bleeding through your shirt.
Our weight fluctuates so much during the day it’s hard to tell what anyone really ways.
Analogs are more accurate but I find them so hard to read which is why I bought a digital. Sometimes it just stays still for no reason. I have to hold a heavy object then re-weigh myself without the heavy object.

digitalGoobie  – (7:24 PM)  

Those little tide pens are amazing for getting stains outta clothing when you're like at work or something - I bet that would have got rid of the blood mark.

Hope that it doesn't get too painful as the night goes on.. and careful when you sleep!

Good luck with your challenge, and just keep staying focused!

~Les  – (11:05 AM)  

Peroxide removes blood too. :0)

I hate that scales fluctuate so much! It's almost like you just can't trust the little suckers.


NotSoFatGirl  – (8:52 PM)  

I know what you mean about trying not to feel guilty... it seems like, if I haven't made sweat pour off my body on a given day, I sit there giving myself endless grief about it until I actually do go and work out.

Don't be too hard on yourself, though; rest is just as important as working out, sometimes :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

The Venus  – (9:26 PM)  

I'd just stick to 168. Doesn't really matter what your starting weight is.

Bummer on the blood thing. Having a mole removed stinks. It hurts and for some reason you aren't allowed to whine about it. "It's just a mole!" I think everyone should have at least one removed and then all would wear SPF 45 every day! :)

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