these tacos look different

day: 7/30

note to self: make sure to actually READ the menu before ordering anything... eric and i decided to go to baja fresh on friday night (oh how i love that place) and ordered the taco combo plates like usual... well, they were different than before and apprarently they now have 2 kinds - one w/corn tortillas and one w/flour tortillas and lots of cheese... guess which ones we got? ugh! i looked up the points and it wasn't pretty - 7 points for each one and i had two of them! thank god for flex points cus i certainly had to use them! ugh! i'm still under for the week so i hope it shows tomorrow... :o)

its been a busy weekend, full of painting and getting ready for the garden party... the living room looks awesome - the walls are now a medium coffee latte and they make the room so homey and inviting... the white trim still has to be done yet and then we'll be done - next will be the dining room... i just LOVE to paint, must be the artist in me...

exercise has been okay - went for a long walk yesterday since i didn't feel like getting up early for the 8:30 spin class... told myself i would go today instead but eric didn't set the alarm and we woke up at 9:15 instead, oops... i will have to go for a long walk tonight which is fine, eric lives in a great neighborhood with many streets so i can change up my walk everyday if i wanted too... one of these days, i'll get him to go with me but i'm not going to complain...

hope you're all having a great weekend and thank-you for commenting and reading my blog... i know it may not be the most interesting read some days but its still nice to share thoughts about whatever's going on... i truly enjoy reading the ones i have listed, its great to have such a diversified bunch of online buddies... :o)

digitalGoobie  – (4:17 PM)  

Good for you for getting out there and walking - it's hard for me to force myself sometimes - and even more so now that it's crazy hot outside!!! Hope you have a great day, and thanks for you comment on my blog!

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