one more day

day: 11/30

food: 23/26 points
exercise: 40 mins jog/walk
mood: tired and sore

oy vey, i have so much to do tomorrow - at work and at home... i have tons of food to make for saturday's party - potato salad, baked beans, ambrosia salad, and chocolate chip/oatmeal cookies... AND i have to go the grocery store before i can do any of this - i'm sure it will be a madhouse too... i feel like i need a day to rest but there's no end in sight - not til sunday anyway and with 6 people and 2 kids at eric's house, who knows how much sleep will get... my mom laughed and asked, "where are they all going to sleep?"... thank god for futons and carpeted floors... :o)

my back is sore but the stitches look okay, i can't wait to shower w/out a bandage tomorrow... its been quite a trip putting bandaids on, while looking in the mirror and having to do everything the opposite way... its times like this is when i wish i was living w/eric - so he could be my 24/7 bandage changer... ok, there are other reasons too - like being able to see norman and max run around the house, they are halarious... :o)

i had a nice bowl of cereal for dinner (ever just crave something cold?) and when i got back from eric's, i was craving popcorn... was i hungry? not really but the more i thought about it, the more i wanted it... it was the healthy kind but still - no one should be eating at 10:00pm esp. before going to bed... i need to work on that...

nighty night...

digitalGoobie  – (7:23 AM)  

I say it's better to treat yourself to a healthy amount of what you're craving rather than skip it and let it build up.

Looks like you stayed OP yesterday, good for you! And good luck with the party, that's a TON of stuff to get ready for it.

Sonya  – (11:39 AM)  

Good luck with your party! Your menu sounds delicious - yum.

And I was craving cereal for dinner the other night too. Organic raisin bran with chopped bananas and extra raisins on top. Go figure!

And popcorn isn't the worst thing you could have if you're craving something a bit savoury. 1/2 a bag of natural microwave popcorn is very low in fat, and carbs.

Good work staying OP!

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