i'm stuck

sorry for the lack of posts, i'm still deciding on my plan of action so i feel that there's not much else to say right now... then again, most of the blogs i read aren't just about losing weight - they are about life and what's going in the world... i feel that i need to be accountable for something so that is why i decided to start blogging but like just like losing weight, that excitment and enthusiasm disappeared when the weight stalled (and came back by a few pounds)... so, once again, i am back to ground zero and struggling to find something i'm excited about...

i am stuck between two things: (1) accept my current weight, continue to exercise and make good food choices but not necessarily count every, single thing... this option would probably see minimal weightloss, if at all... or (2) getting back on the saddle and start counting points again which would hopefully lead to losing... its not like i hate the way i look - i think i look pretty good (being tan helps) but i know i've gained a few pounds back and can feel/see it in my clothes... i don't know where the slip-up happened, probably back before i went camping and i just haven't given a damn since... for that, i am disappointed in myself more than anything...

so the planning begins and i'm mentally preparing myself for what is next... i have started to take spinning again so that is one good thing i can add to my list of accomplishments... i've also started to walk/jog again and will continue doing so... as for the food and what 'plan' i'm going to follow, we'll see - i don't mind counting WW points but maybe if i try the flex plan, it will get things moving again... and if that doesn't work, i'm not sure what plan B will be... guess there's always slimfast...

just kidding...

~Les  – (11:10 AM)  

Hi Jodi,

I don't think I've ever seen you're blog young lady! You should have commented on mine before!!

Anyways, girlfriend, I SOOO feel ya, on being lost and trying to walk the path to self-acceptance. I'll probably be writing a whole lot more on the subject while I'm "researching" my new plan (this concept cracks me up because I know how to eat and excercise, but I always feel inclined to RESEARCH things more..LOL)

It's good to "meet" ya, and I think I'll have to catch up on your old blog so I'll know you a little better. :0)


iportion  – (1:16 PM)  

I want to thank you for posting at my blog. I am sure you can do this. I have to count every bite even after my weight-loss .
and I even have to jot done what I did for cleaning today or it doesn’t get done.

Have you thought of giving yourself rewards not for the weight-loss but for the journaling and exercise.
Weight loss ends in maintenance but good behave can go on.

I am a binge eater.
My trick with WW was that veggies and sugar substitutes, vinegar, spices were free but most other foods are not. I assign a .1 to .9 for those foods. Diet bread I usually count as .5 per slice. Diet jello is .2 per cup.

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