monday weigh-in

day: 8/30

this morning's weigh-in may be inaccurate - i didn't have my digital scale and had to rely on my boyfriend's old school model which was pretty funny... instead of starting at zero, i adjusted it to be 2 pounds heavier just in case - we'll see what happens once i'm home... either way, i'm feeling pretty good and i have to give kudos to eric - he is being very good about what we're eating and asking if things are "on plan"... i told him that technically anything is on plan as long as i stay within my range, but by making small adjustments - i can get more bang for my buck (i.e. 2 slices of multi-grain bread = 4 points OR 1 light multigrain english muffin = 1 point)... for breakfast, we had a big glass of homemade juice consisting of: carrot, celery, apple, pear, orange, beet, and cantalope... how yummy does that sound?!?!? it was so tasty that i actually spilled some on my clean, baby blue polo shirt and had to change before leaving the house... damn beets!

i got free tickets to see a special screening of "lady in the water" (m.night shyamalan) tonight so that should be fun... for dinner, we're having some healthy mediterranean food at this place near the theatre - can't wait for some homemade hummus and pita... there's still much to do for the party since all we accomplished this weekend was painting but at least we have til saturday... i need to start making my list of what i'm going to make, i may try this new couscous salad that has dried cranberries and walnuts...

anyone care to share some healthy and/or WW friendly recipes?

happy monday...

Living to Feel Good  – (9:46 PM)  

Have fun at the movie. It looks too scary for me. I am such a wimp!

It's so nice to have a supportive other half isn't it? My husband is very supportive of makes things so much easier!

I have posted some WW recipes on my blog, but I will have to go back and see where they are on there, and then let you know. If I can save myself from retyping it I will! ;)

Sonya  – (10:04 PM)  

Let us know how the movie is! I really want to see it.

That juice sounds absolutely delicious! I don't blame your shirt for wanting to have some as well!

There's a fabulous stuffed pepper recipe here (Feb 16):

And a really great noodle salad recipe here (july 6):

Ro  – (11:08 AM)  

Hey I hope the movie is good.
I have some recipes that I love but I tried this one last night that I got from another blogger:
And they were really good.

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