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since we're all on the same journey together (pretty much), i like giving kudos to new blogs that i've stumbled across and today's find can be found here --> iportion... her post today talks about putting things off until you reach your 'ideal' weight and how that shouldn't stop you from doing things you love... "live you dreams now," she says, and what a great line that is... we all need to print that out and stick on next to our computer, refrigerator and bathroom mirror... she also writes the following, in a different post, and i think its a great list (hope you don't mind)...

  • I will be excited about small losses
  • I will celebrate every 5 pound loss
  • I set an initial goal of 5 days exercise per week, anything over will be counted as a bonus (once I reach 20 bonuses, i treat myself to something special but NOT food)
  • If i bite it - I write it
  • I will not let a derailment lead me off plan for weeks on end
a lot of us weightloss bloggers talk about setting goals and one of the great things about that is, we can share, discuss, bitch, and celebrate w/each other without being judged... we all have different processes and views, we all feel great when we lose, and we all feel miserable when we gain but hey - that's life, right... just knowing that i'm not alone in this journey is more than comforting, its like having your very own support group (and its free!)... and even though i can't see you or hear you - i know you're there when i really need the motivation and inspiration and for that, i thank-you...

Belladora  – (10:09 AM)  

We thank you for the support as well. It's always great to read comments and know other people are listening. It helps soooo much!

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