we made it

i'm so happy its friday, its been a busy week at work and w/other stuff... i just had my training session w/andy - i think he was trying to kill me, some of these moves are hard... reverse lunges off a 4-riser platform are not meant for the weak at heart, i know my legs are going to be sore as shit tomorrow (but in a good way)... either way, i'm looking forward to a new workout - 2 months doing the same thing is long enough...

i found another blog today, jen has some WW friendly recipes that look pretty good... i'll have to try some of them esp. the tuna casserole, who can pass that up... i've had green peppers and ground beef in my fridge all week, one of these days i'll get around to making stuffed peppers... YUM-O...

i had leftover thai last night and after calculating points, looks like i blew around 22 points for dinner w/eric for his bday... any of you feel really anxious when dipping into your flex points so early in the week? i normally don't go over but after that dinner, going for drinks after work tonight, going to a german festival tomorrow, going to dinner sunday night, and probably going to dinner monday night before screen on the green - i'm scared to death i won't have enough... i guess i just need to do better planning-ahead and make sure to get in more exercise... i'm definitely going to spinning tomorrow but perhaps i need to go on sunday as well (so much for my sleep-in sunday)...

anyhoo, i hope you all have a great weekend...

iportion  – (2:41 PM)  

Sometimes I use 5 flex points a day but lately I've been saving flex points for dates with huby and parties.
I try to use my flex points but do feel kind of weird if I use them early in case a party comes up.
I used some flex points for huby's birthday this week.

Living to Feel Good  – (3:54 AM)  

When I do count points I try not to use the flex points. I feel disappointed in myself if I can't stick to the points I am allowed. That's just for me though. I know my husband uses 5 flex a day or atleast he always goes over. He is still losing. Everyone is different. Whatever works you know?

Hope4Baby  – (3:15 PM)  

I always feel bad when I use my flex points, but I have to keep reminding myself that is what they are there for. So how did you do over the weekend?

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