day: 12/30

food: 15/25 (so far)
exercise: weights
mood: happy its friday!

i'm so happy its friday, i could scream... i'll be more happy when this party-planning is over and i can just sit back and drink my wine/mike's hard lemonade/amstel light... how in the hell did we get 44 people? and its supposed to thunderstorm too so maybe some won't show up (is that bad for me to say?!?!)... either way, i'm looking forward to seeing eric's family and for my mom and brother to meet them as well... i'll have a full report on monday...

i found this list on, thought you might find it interesting... it lists 16 super foods and after reading it, i really need to eat more: oranges, sweet potatos, salmon, and dark chocolate... i think i do pretty well with all the others - had a yogurt everyday this week, whoo hoo... :o)

well, its time to hit the gym and then i may scoot out early since both bosses are out today... shhh...

have a great weekend...

The Venus  – (5:58 PM)  

Enjoy your party!!

I have no problem eating dark chocolate...I list it as a hobby in my profile here hehe.

digitalGoobie  – (9:45 AM)  

I hope the party goes well, and that everything runs smoothly and the storm holds off!

iportion  – (2:00 AM)  

Some of my fave craves are
salad, yogurt and dark chocolate, apples and sweet and salty oatmeal :-)

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