back on the saddle

first the good news - eric's father is doing much better, thank you for all the kind wishes... the swelling has gone down in his brain and even though surgery to undo the blockage is eminent in 6-8 weeks, they say he may be well enough to back to p'burgh in a week or so... eric's brother said he was able to feed himself breakfast and play w/his new cellphone so that's definitely a sign of improvement! eric is flying down tomorrow and will be w/his mom til next thursday, stupid me didn't even ask if he wanted me to go but when i asked him later, he said he'd be okay... he does know that if he needs me, i will be there... though eric's dad not out of the woods yet, at least there's some light now and we're so very thankful... :o)

second good news - i did the precor for 30 mins today and it didn't seem to bother my foot at all... i alternated forward/backward and ironically, my left foot is now hurting worse than before... i'm hoping its because i'm putting more pressure on it (to relieve stress on my right foot) but i know down the road, surgery will be needed for that too.. i just hope i can put it off for another 6-12 months... waahhhhhh...

since eric will be away this weekend, i will have some free time on sat night and sunday - it will be weird not hanging out w/him since that's the usual weekend-thing but i'll manage... the only plans i have right now are getting my haircut tomorrow and hanging out w/my mom for a bit, we may hit the mall and grab some lunch... on sunday, they say it might snow so i'm going to make a fire, hangout w/the kitties, read, and watch the oscars... oprah's special was pretty good last night - i was never a big fan of george clooney but he is pretty funny - julia roberts, on the otherhand, has got a mouthfull of teeth... :o)

i hope you all have a great weekend...

metamorphose  – (3:26 PM)  

So glad he's doing better!

Sonya  – (4:49 PM)  

Glad he's doing better, and great work on the recovery workout!!!

marie  – (5:29 PM)  

glad to read that he's doing better :)

enjoy your weekend of "freedom"!

Anonymous –   – (12:01 PM)  

Glad he is getting better.

Congrats on the Precor too; I know it felt good though, right?

Twisted Cinderella  – (3:14 PM)  

I am so glad he is doing better!

~♥ Amanda ♥~  – (3:39 PM)  

i'm so happy that eric's father is doing better! hope you had a good weekend!

PearShapedGirl  – (4:35 PM)  

Wow, great news about Eric's dad and your time on the Precor! I hope you had a relaxing weekend on your own...

Take care,

Wanna_B_slim  – (4:56 PM)  

Hello there... I came here from Glams blog.. Just thought I would say HI! Sounds like you have had a rough month.. I hope it gets better for you..
Let me know what the Secrets book is like...
I would like to see the movie..
I love books also.. But time is hard to find..

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