01/17: 161.0
02/22: 165.6

believe it or not, i'm THRILLED w/having only gained 4.6 pounds since my surgery and considering i've done minimal cardio (stationary bike) and a few days of weights - i can totally deal with it... i am back to counting points today and will slowly get back into a normal, workout routine - my coworker brought in her 'yoga booty' DVD but i'm not sure how much i'll be able to do... i may try the eliptical backwards and see how that feels but if not, i will stick to the bike until my next check-up (march 27) and take it one day at a time...

on a sad note, eric's father had a stroke on tuesday - he's doing as well as can be expected but he's not out of the woods yet... it was the result of the loosening of a slab of plak in the lining of the carotid artery, which created a 90% blockage, and until his brain stops swelling - there's not much they can do besides wait and see... eric may go down to florida (they stay there during the winter) and help-out so please say a prayer for him...

i received the 'secret' book today - has anyone read it? i thought the show on oprah was pretty good so i was curious to see what it was about... i'm also taping her show today, wonder what bob green has up his sleeve this time... and i'll be watching the oscar special tonight, i just love russell crowe so i'm pretty excited... well, not THAT excited...

happy thursday...

Ro  – (2:51 PM)  

Since those 4 pounds dont belong to you it will be so easy to send them packing :)

I am am so sorry to hear about Eric's father. They are both in my prayers.

Let me know how you like the Yoga Booty DVD.

metamorphose  – (3:39 PM)  

I'm sorry about Eric's father. They'll also be in my prayers as well.

4.6 pounds ain't no thang! I think you're doing remarkably well.

Yoga Booty looks like so much fun!

metamorphose  – (3:40 PM)  

Oh! And I like the new look!

Anonymous –   – (3:52 PM)  

Hey love the new design.

And I totally dig you on the only gaining that amount thing....woohoo on that!

KL  – (4:15 PM)  

I love the new look of the blog! I'll be thinking about Eric's father. Please keep us updated.

I'm sure the 4.6 will fall right off. Congrats on maintaining so well through this rough spot.

P.S. What's a girl got to do to get a mention on your sidebar?

k  – (4:46 PM)  

I'm glad the scale was kind, I so wish mine was 4.6 - dang steroid hell.

I will be saying some prayers for Eric's father and your family.

Take care and I love the new design!

duenneschen  – (6:36 PM)  

love the new look!!

and sorry to hear about eric's dad..

Trish  – (9:20 PM)  

Those 4some odd pounds will come off easy with that attitude of yours :)

Kim  – (10:33 PM)  

Eric's father will be in my prayers as well.

Don't sweat the little 4.6 pound blip in the radar. You'll have that gone, and more, before you know it!

~♥ Amanda ♥~  – (9:56 AM)  

you'll be able to lose those 4 pounds in no time, i like that you aren't upset over it and you were expecting a gain, it makes it easier to deal with.
sorry to hear about eric's father, they are in my prayers!

Sizzle  – (11:09 AM)  

i'm sorry to hear about eric's father. :(

the secret book...i keep hearing about it and it sounds just like this book i read years ago called "the game of life and how to play it" which was written in 1925. i should do a compare/contrast. let us know what you think.

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