everybody's working for the weekend

its friday and i'm so happy because that means this boring-ass week is over... i had a few things to work on today but still not enough to keep me busy so i did a lot of blog-reading... the interview went well (thanks for all the well-wishes) but then again i always say that - i'm just not sure how much of a move it would be for me... do i want to move into another senior position OR should i be striving for something higher, like creative or art director - i'm just not sure... i think i would get along w/the creative director, she seemed a bit odd so that's usually a good sign, but am bummed that i would move into a cubicle (i know it seems silly but i've always had an office)... anyway, they're going to hold 2nd interviews so we'll see if i get called back in the next week or so...

since there's only one recumbant bike at the gym, today i put my towel and some magazines on the seat before i changed into my workout clothes... when i came back out, some guy had thrown them on the floor and was biking away... i was like, "um, i had that saved since i can't use the other machines" and he grumbled and mumbled something about how he waited and waited for someone to come.. whatever, get your ass off my machine - that's all i got for the next two weeks so you can kiss my ass! :o)

eric and will be doing dinner/movie tomorrow night - our choices are 'pan's labyrinth' and 'children of men'... has anyone seen either of these? just curious... we may also try redrock canyon grill since they are on the restaurant week list and we can get a nice meal for $30 - i'll let you know what i think... i checked out their menu online and there were a few things that looked healthy so i'm keeping my fingers crossed...

i hope you all have a great weekend... TGIF!

Tiff  – (4:02 PM)  

Way to be telling that guy to get off your machine! I would have done the same thing =)

I am keeping my fingers crossed for the 2nd interview... I know how it feels considering I am going through the same thing!

Have an awesome weekend and enjoy your date night!!!

Kim  – (9:53 PM)  

I'm so glad to hear that theinterview went well!! I hope that you get good news soon! :)

Enjoy the big date night!!

iportion  – (4:41 AM)  

have fun my husband and I watched connections on net flix which is an old UK scince show
it was a lot of fun

Amanda  – (9:17 AM)  

hey! i just wanted to let you know that i changed the address to my blog it's the same thing but just add ww at the end of it (ahomefullofloveww.blogspot.com).
there were just some family members reading it that i felt it was a little too personal. so now i've made the original one just about family stuff. sorry for the hassle!!

Twisted Cinderella  – (9:10 AM)  

Good for you for standing up and demanding your machine. Good luck with getting a second interview. Hope you had a great weekend!

PearShapedGirl  – (1:08 PM)  

I hate confrontations with people at the gym, everyone always seems so grumpy, haha! I hope he got off the bike and gave it to you. Let us know which movie you chose (I'm curious about both) and how dinner was.

Take care,

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