freezing my a** off

today was my first cardio workout in almost 3 weeks, i managed the seated bike pretty well (strap was adjustable so it fit over my special shoe) but after 30 mins - i thought i shouldn't push things more than necessary and stopped... i will do weights and pilates on tues/thurs and for now, that's good enough... oh, how i look forward to the day when i walk on the treadmill again...

i was reading the newest issue of 'fitness' and they had a short article written by someone they followed over a year and tracked her progress... she had gained some weight back and she discussed how at times when she felt like giving up, she would put that same sort of thought towards her job and her family... i.e. would you quit your job because it was hard? or would you stop taking care of your children because you just weren't in the mood that day? pushing ourselves will always require work - some days more than others - and giving up on fitness and taking care of ourselves shouldn't be an option either... i admire those of you that do it day in and day out, regardless of how you feel or what's going on - that's where i want to be when i'm back on my (two) feet again...

weekend was okay, pretty quiet, and lowkey actually... eric and i caught-up on a lot of tv shows and watched the 3rd alien movie - just have #4 to go and then we'll be done (next comes the 5 supplement disks)... we also watched 'talladega nights' which i thought was okay (and yes, i'm a secret fan of nascar)... i left his house after the first half of the superbowl was over and caught the rest at my place - i'm glad the colts won but i felt so sorry for the bears quarterback... and i wasn't impressed w/the commercials this year, anyone else feel the same way?

happy monday...

Becky  – (4:24 PM)  

I wasn't that impressed by the commercials either...although that Snicker's commercial in the beginning had me laughing for 5 minutes straight LOL
I also liked the Rock, Paper Scissor Bud Commercial :)

Amanda  – (7:12 PM)  

i didn't watch the super bowl so can't help you there :)
that's an awesome way to look at weightloss and nutrition, about not giving up. it gives an extra boost to do good!!!

Ro  – (11:35 AM)  

Glad to see you are back working out Jodi. You rock!
I am trying not to be hard on myslef; thanks for the encouraging words!

totegirl  – (11:42 AM)  

I did like the Snickers commerical. I also feel bad for Grossman. The commentators just talk smack about him nonstop.

Thanks for sharing that stuff from fitness magazine. That's the type of stuff that really keeps me motivated to push myself. Even when I have slip ups, if I just get back to work, I'll still lose weight. The point is that it may be hard, but it's not really an option. We just have to do it, and get back on track when we fall off.

I'm glad you're able to be more active. You will walk on the treadmill soon!

metamorphose  – (1:59 PM)  

My fam was really excited for the Colts. The commercials were pretty meh, but I really liked Prince's halftime show.

I'm also glad you're able to get back to working out.

Sonya  – (2:05 PM)  

Good job on your workout! And 30 minutes is a great start.

And the article is sooo right about making ourselves a priority. I wish it was easier done than said!

Tiff  – (3:12 PM)  

Hey girl! The article you mentioned sounds awesome... great perspective on things and one I will definitely keep in mind!

As for the commercials, I agree, I wasn't that impressed either. But I did like the Doritos commmercials!

So, are you planning on weighing in tomorrow???

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