feeling almost normal

i have an interview after work today so i'm wearing shoes on both feet - i have a pair of clarks boots that are a bit large so i was happy when it fit and didn't hurt... i probably won't do it again though, i'm sure there's a reason why i need to wear a flat shoe but for today - i'm taking a chance... this place contacted me right before i had surgery and i had a phone interview before my last day in the office... since didn't hear anything for a while, i sent them an email saying 'hey, how are things going' and they requested that i come in - yee haa... i feel incredibly guilty for telling my boss a lie so i can leave early but its only and hour so it shouldn't be obvious - at least i hope not... work has slowed down a lot for me and the big projects that i had last year, are now being worked on by my boss and coworker this year... leaving me with little projects here and there but not enough to keep me busy and/or challenged... who knows what will happen but i'm kinda excited...

the 'declutter' show on oprah yesterday was interesting... granted i don't have a large family, i still learned that its important to only keep things you use and need - everything else should be sold or donated... this woman said she bought her 4 daughters clothes to show them how much she loved them - and when they brought everything outside, their front yard was covered - literally... he showed this other woman how to get rid of clothes in her closet - have them all face the same way and when you wear something, turn it the other way... after 6-12 months, whatever hasn't been turned around should be taken out - pretty cool huh... anyway, we'll see what 'the secret' is all about on today's show...

i'm doing well with food and exercise - been to the gym everyday this week so i'm happy about that... i baked chicken fingers last night w/panko breadcrumbs and had that over some lettuce with my lemon/shallot dressing... mmm mmm, talk about tasty...

i'm glad the week is almost over even though i don't have any plans for the weekend... i told eric we haven't had 'date' night since november so its his turn to think of something - maybe we'll combine that and valentine's day... note: need to go to target tonight and get cards and toilet paper - nothing else!

happy thursday...

Weight Master  – (5:27 PM)  

Good job on the gym thing. According to Forrest Gump, there's nothing wring with telling a white lie every now and then. Good luck on the interview. Hope to hear back from you. I would like to get to know all the bloggers a little more

Sonya  – (5:29 PM)  

Yay for working out everyday this week! Great work!

And good luck with your job interview - I hope it went well.

Missed the declutter thing on Oprah..could have used it. I almost like when things are cluttered, because I enjoy the "cleaning up" part of it - it's very therapeutic. Strange, huh?

Ro  – (10:21 AM)  

Thanks Jodi....
I am going to try really hard to stay OP I hope you do as well!
Have a great weekend and I hope the interview went well.

Grumpy Chair  – (10:58 AM)  

Hope your interview went well yesterday.

metamorphose  – (2:00 PM)  

Hope the interview went well!

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