two, simple words... thank you...

i am feeling better today, i have noticed that when i'm stressed at work - it seems to carry-thru to my emotional well-being as well... i have always been the type that feels the need to get things done, as soon as possible, to the utmost perfection when in reality - that doesn't always have to be... prime example: i had a major project to complete and even though i had planned on going to the gym today, i did not because i felt the need to finish things... things that could've waited for an hour and allowed me to feel normal again... but the day is over, 1 project is out the door, 2 will be done by the end of the week, and then i can breathe again...

adding to my stress was the fact that i was called back for a 2nd interview and after much thought and consideration, i turned them down... she had requested i work on a project, to see my design-skills in action, and the type of assignment she gave me made my skin crawl... call it my gut reaction, sixth sense, whatever - but i knew going any further would just not be in my best interest... ontop of this, i found out that once i'm fully vested in september, i will have a pretty good chunk of money in a def. contribution plan - that is mine and all mine... the responsible side of me said, "you would be stupid to give that up" so i'm going to stick it out... unless i win the lottery of course and then all bets are off... :o)

so tomorrow is march 1, leaving me 10 days til my birthday - i will be turning 36 and i can't tell you how much i DESPISE even numbers... so bland and boring, in my opinion... the only plans i have for now, is to quit smoking, and get back into a more healthy frame of mind... i may concentrate more on exercise right now, and then work my way back into the food thing - whether i continue with WW or not, i'm not sure yet... i already have my alarm set for 6am tomorrow and i'm going to do my new DVD that is a mix of rapid results pilates, and then gradually add different workouts into the mix... whether i do this everyday, i'm not sure, but its a start and i'm happy about that... and with that, i'll leave you with something that i read in 'the secret' today - it seemed to strike a chord in me, maybe it will in you too...

you have the power to change anything,
because you are the one who chooses your thoughts
and you are the one who feels your feelings.

happy hump day...

iportion  – (10:44 PM)  

I am glad you are feeling better.

Kim  – (10:51 PM)  

I am so glad that you are in a better frame of mind since your post yesterday. I think that by making time for yourself you will really begin to find that hidden mojo of yours!! :)

marie  – (11:32 PM)  

wow! I'm glad you're feeling better today. hopefully when your work clears up, things will be even brighter :)

good luck with the new exercise regime!

Vickie  – (7:19 AM)  

My birthday is the end of the month - I will be 46 - exactly 10 years older. Birthday have never bothered me. Don't know why. But I don't celebrate them either . . .

Twisted Cinderella  – (9:09 AM)  

My birthday is this month too! I turn 35 on March 20! I am glad to see that you are in a better place today.

metamorphose  – (3:43 PM)  

I'm a March girl as well.

I'm also happy that you're starting to feel better. :)

Sizzle  – (3:55 PM)  

always trust your gut. good move.

love that end quote. :)

~♥ Amanda ♥~  – (6:58 PM)  

i'm glad you're feeling better. is your birthday on the 10th? that's the same day as my youngest dd! that dvd sounds like fun! and thanks again for all the encouraging words you always leave for me :)

KL  – (9:16 PM)  

I think it was totally gutsy to turn down the job, but I think I would have done the same thing. I'm vested in a year and a half. I'm not going to quit, but I am thinking about moving in the next few years and have put off most thoughts of it until I'm vested.
I hope your work clears up soon!

Sonya  – (2:00 PM)  

This month is going to be full of positivity, new beginnings, and PROGRESS! I can feel it in my bones. And you're going to do awesome!!!! I hope your work clears up very soon, and that you find some "you" time.

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