i'll have just ONE more chip

i went to my sister's this weekend (western maryland and in the middle of nowhere) to hang-out and see my dad... we helped out w/a friend's yard sale on saturday, grabbed some lunch in town, and she took me by the log house they are having built on 25-acres... its pretty nice even though its just the walls and roof right now, they hope to have it completed by next spring... for dinner we had grilled chicken, veggies, and silver queen corn - yummy - my first ears of the season... sunday, we did the church thing and then took my dad for pizza - he's still pretty wobbly so getting him in/out of the wheelchair is pretty challenging... he's also in a different room, on a different wing (not the nice one anymore) so my sister and i tried to spruce things up a bit by hanging pictures... the drive home was fine until i hit traffic (for no reason) and that added another hour onto my trip - i was pretty beat by the time i got home...

it hasn't been stellar, unfortunately - i had mexican for lunch on saturday and i just can't say no to tortilla chips and fresh salsa... the pizza probably didn't help yesterday either but i only had 3 slices and i ordered a garden salad on the side... i'm back OP today though and i feel in control again - we'll see how things even out on wednesday...

today was my first day back on the treadmill since i hurt my back and i managed to squeeze out 35 minutes, not bad... i felt like crap since i didn't do anything over the weekend but my back was still hurting and i tried to rest as much as possible... i think its okay now but we'll see how i do tomorrow with weights...

not much else exciting has been going on - i do need to go grocery shopping tonight (no fruit/veggies in the house) and do some laundry... i know, exciting right? :o)

happy monday...

Chris H  – (11:13 PM)  

Awww come on, laundry is RIVETING isn't it!!!

Steph  – (10:41 AM)  


Thanks for coming by and checking me out - wanna hear something funny??? I have been reading your blog forever and have found some great inspiration from you so you had a hand in some of my weight loss and you didn't even notice it. Sorry I never commented before but I just never knew enough about this blogging thing until I started doing it myself! Your writing cracks me up and your "just being me" attitude is perfect and just what i enjoy!! Thanks again and you look fab yourself!

Teresa  – (12:25 PM)  

What what less than Stellar. Did I hear you call my name...... Take care. Dear god laundry does the fun ever stop.

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