my daughter's turned into a blueberry

i swear, if the sky gets any darker - i will have to turn-on my office light... i'm not a fan of overhead lights and since i can remember, i've had lamps in my office - it seems to make it much more homier and inviting... plus, who wants a nasty glare on your computer screen... speaking of office stuff - my boss scheduled a happy hour after work today... i have no idea who's coming or where we're going but my goal is to have 2 drinks and that's it... i don't have the money and i certainly don't feel like wasting the points on liquid - i'd rather use them on sushi tomorrow night!... :o)

FYI ~ last night well (both seeing eric AND the tacos)... ;o)

i'm SO looking forward to this weekend - i feel like i've been running around like crazy so it will be nice to hang-out and do a lot of nothing... okay, BESIDES going for sushi - we may go see a movie... it seems everyone is raving about 'ratatouille' so perhaps we'll try that one (or something else like 'pirates' or '1408')... my coworker gave me the harry potter book and my goal is to reread it before seeing the movie - all 800+ pages - crap, i forgot that it's a long one... :o(

sorry, not much else is going on... i'm happy that my workload has calmed down a bit so now i can catch-up on all your blogs and see what you've been up too... :o)

happy thursday...

Chris H  – (8:02 PM)  

ARe you going to rush out and buy the new Potter Book too!!! I am... can't wait. I havn't seen the last movie either, must do that too.Hope you have a neat weekend.

Kate  – (9:39 AM)  

Sounds like you have a great weekend planned, enjoy the relaxation!

PearShapedGirl  – (2:24 PM)  

Sounds like you'll have a fun weekend. Good luck getting that HP book read! I've just gone through the entire series again in anticipation for the last book that comes out tomorrow. Can't wait! Enjoy your sushi this weekend...

Take care,

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