reality bites

nothing like getting back from vacation and finding a new Mac sitting on your desk - these machines are so foreign to me and yes, i'm a designer but have never had the pleasure of working on one... so far, so good - things are working out nicely but it did take some time to get firefox installed and all my bookmarks loaded... i'm totally digging the cordless keyboard and mouse too - talk about having freedome to move around... i could lay on the floor and work if i wanted (but i won't)... :o)

so camping was great and as expected, the best day was on friday, the day we had to pack-up and leave... we asked every day if there was an open space for friday night but got nowhere, so we stayed on the beach til around 7:00, hit the showers, fueled-up, and headed home... my legs are covered w/mosquito bites - there weren't any flies on the beach like last year but the campsite was swarming w/these nasty, green head flies that had a ferocious bite... we only got rain one night and were able to hit the beach almost every day so that made me happy... we did a lot of walking and biking and ate relatively well - think i made veggie kabobs every night w/dinner too (and will post pictures soon)... there was drinking but not too much and just a lot of relaxing, reading, talking, and just enjoying the ocean... a pod of porpoises swam by the beach, several times a day, sometimes getting very close to the shore, and on the last day, we saw a stingray jump out of the water so that was pretty cool... we didn't make the ghost crab tour but did our own thing one night with a flashlight (after drinking some rum & cokes, mind you) and that was awesome... i'm always sad when we have to pack-up and leave but know we have many a summers to go back there and do the same thing... it was just nice to get away from phones, computers, and the tv... :o)

according to eric's scale on saturday morning, it showed a 2.5 pound gain which is cool considering i didn't jog once and had alcohol every day... but i won't be surprised if its higher on wednesday because we had mexican for dinner on saturday, after seeing 'live free or die hard', and then i grabbed a frozen, spinach and goat cheese pizza last night when i was doing my weekly shopping (still on vacation mode, what can i say)... i WILL be back on the treadmill today and had a great salad for lunch so we'll see what happens - no use worrying about it...

i'll try and catch-up w/everyone's blogs as soon as i can... :o)

happy monday...

Sizzle  – (2:19 PM)  

welcome back- reality does bite! especially after all that fun in the sun. man, i MISS the ocean. i can't wait to plant myself on the beach at the end of the month.

glad you had a good time!

Anonymous –   – (2:34 PM)  

Welcome back! I figure anything less than a five pound gain on a holiday away is good news ;)

WeightBGone  – (2:46 PM)  

Welcome back sounds like you had a great time. Good for you getting right back to exercising and watching what you eat thats probably one of the hardest things to do after vacation. Have a great week. :)

Chris H  – (4:09 PM)  

Sounds like you had a lovely time, not counting the insect bites and slight weight gain... ahhh that's what holidays are about eh? New computer... cool! It's like Xmas when that happens!

marie  – (5:09 PM)  

glad you had a good trip - and new presents at work too! sweeeeeet!

Anne  – (7:22 PM)  

Glad to hear you had a great time! That gain will come off in no time once you get back into your routine :)

Anonymous –   – (11:46 PM)  

Don't you hate leaving vacation? It's the worse hey? Glad you had a great time.

noelle  – (9:47 AM)  

alcohol always gives me a big water gain. Glad you had a good time and are right back OP.

Kate  – (10:02 AM)  

Glad to hear you had a great trip, it's always a bite coming back to work after a vacation as it is, let alone when you have a big foreign looking machine on your desk.

I'm sure alot of your gain is just water weight from the alcohol and what not, I'm sure weigh in won't be terrible...good luck!

Greta & Gurdy  – (10:58 AM)  

welcome back!
2.5 lbs gain is so NOT bad for a vacation! It sounds like you had a blast. I love the beach so much.

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