what would you do with $30k?

i'm tired, in a bad mood and yet, find myself watching "victoria beckham: coming to america"... its pretty funny actually so maybe i'll leave it on as background noise... i am slammed at work and there's no end in sight which means, going in early and staying late this week... being busy DOES make the day go by faster so i shouldn't complain but its draining and by the end of the day, my eyes feel like they're permanently crossed... i'm going to need another vacation after all this...

the girls weekend went well - my friend really enjoyed herself although you could tell that being the center of attention 24/7 wasn't her thing... we started w/some spa treatments on saturday morning - i had a wonderful masseuse named ken (gayer than gay) who was incredible and so much fun to be around... he walked in and was like, "when i saw your hair, i just KNEW we'd get along" (he had the same haircut!)...

after that, us girls walked around princeton, grabbed some lunch, and spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out in the room talking... i felt like the oddball though, since i'm not engaged or married, and was quite overwhelmed at times so i pretty much listened to everyone else's stories... saturday night, we took her to dinner to this over-priced (and not very good) italian restaurant but tried to make the best of it...

and to end the evening, we dressed her up in a toilet paper wedding gown and made her walk down the hallways... :o)

sunday, we grabbed breakfast at the pancake house (a well-know est. across from the univ.), got ready for the shower, and headed back home... my friend, who never used to be very girly - made an appt. to get her hairdone before the shower (which led to a weekend of teasing mind you) AND she was ½ hour late! it all worked out in the end though - the favors looked really nice on the table, as well as the centerpieces that the maid of honor made...

the food was good, the games worked out well, and all was said and done by 5:00... good thing because i had a 4-hour drive ahead of me, as well as a lot of traffic - gotta love 95 in the summertime... i was happy to be home, as well as max - i think he sat on my lap for 15 minutes purring and kneading my belly...

speaking of bellies - i give myself a 6 for this weekend eating/drinking wise... i managed to get a 25-minute run in before i left on friday and then we went for a walk early saturday morning but the food was more of a challenge... since my friend put her townhouse on the market - she doesn't cook anymore or keep anything in the refrigerator besides coffee and water so we ate out a lot... i'm hoping to stay the same on wednesday so i'll keep my fingers crossed - i'd hate to have a gain on the first week of my team challenge... how funny would that be!

i apologize now if i don't post/comment often - as soon as work calms down, things will get back to normal again... i really do miss reading your blogs...

happy monday...

p.s. $30k is the price-tag just for my friend's reception ($170/head)... are you kidding me?!?!

Living to Feel Good  – (1:11 AM)  

That was fun just reading your post and seeing the pictures!! Sounds like a great weekend.

Weddings can be so expensive. I'm glad my husband and I got married in Vegas. We had a reception, but it was more intimate with just our close friends and family. The whole thing cost 10,000. It can be over whelming with all the cost!

CaRoLyN  – (7:39 AM)  

Glad you had a great time! the pics are great and it sounds like you didn't do too ba don the food front! It could have been worse, those parties are killer because they ar mostly centered around the food! Showers are always a downfall for me!
Hope things calm down at work soon adn you are able to relax and enjoy the summer!

Ro  – (9:47 AM)  

Happy to hear you had fun....30K OMG!!! The things I could do...but I am sure it was wonderful and a day she will always remember....

Kate  – (9:50 AM)  

Looks like you had an awesome time!

And don't sweat a small gain, I'm going to have on this week on the first week of the challenge, damn TOM.

kelly  – (10:15 AM)  

ooo fun! i need a massage :)

Dee  – (10:28 AM)  

Sounds like you had a great weekend...no worries about how you ate!! And by the way....$30K for a wedding?! Insane! We spent $3,000 on our small affair and we still came out married! Oh well, to each his own I guess.

Greta & Gurdy  – (10:40 AM)  

The spa time sounds nice....ahhh. I watched Victoria Beckam last night too.....as background noise while going crazy in Photoshop. She cracked me up.

30K? Wowsers. To each her own I guess. If I had a random 30k I would invest it in my company- new building and pay off some debt.

Candace  – (11:18 AM)  

Looks like a lot of fun. I think $30K is average, or maybe that was average for the whole wedding. Anyway, someone has to spend more to make it average. Mine was a small affair and, as someone else said, got us just as married. That was the point, after all. I hope the bride has an amazing wedding day.

Dee  – (11:40 AM)  

Jodi, I almost forgot. If it's not too late I'd love to join your team challenge! If I missed the boat, that's okay too! Let me know if you can.

angelfish24  – (12:10 PM)  

I would love to get a massage!!! I've only had one in my life and that was last year. It's just the cost that deters me I guess. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun.
I wanted to report in for the 'skinnie minnies' team weigh in. I need to weigh in a day early as I'm going out of town. So put me down for losing one pound this week and am at 209. Thanks!

marie  – (12:48 PM)  

30k?! my lordie! i hope it turns out well! and what cute pics!

Anonymous –   – (12:49 PM)  

Cute little ensemble she is holding, is that what you got her? so cute! With $30k I would put a down payment down and buy a HOUSE. She is crazy spending that much. AHHHH.

Sizzle  – (2:18 PM)  

it sure does cost a lot to get hitched!

lainb  – (2:21 PM)  

One thing's for sure...30k would NOT go toward a wedding!! I have no desire for any of that. But, I have to figure out a way to not get married and still be able to register for fun wedding gifts. haha

iportion  – (5:32 PM)  

The spa sounds like fun.

My wedding was budget I did have a midlist designer gown but the church let us have the party for free. My mom and her friend put togehter most of the food.
Our party was 2 months after our wedding. We even had a bubble machine :-)

iportion  – (5:34 PM)  

ps you can do a nice wedding under 5,000
30,000 is what they want you to spend not what you have to.

ThickChick  – (9:53 PM)  

Aww, looks like a fun girls get away. In some circles of friends I am the only un-married one too, pretty funny!

As for the $30k wedding.... yikes, I guess between a band, caterer, etc, it all adds up, eh!

Sonya  – (1:22 PM)  

Fun weekend!

$30K...hmmm..I'd probably put that towards the mortgage. Responsible, I know. My second choice would be to buy a car. Our current one is a TOTAL crapbox!:-)

Gotta send you my weight for last week - will do that in the next day.

Anonymous –   – (2:08 PM)  

How fun! I love that second picture :)

You know what I would do with 30K....I would totally move (yanno what I mean)

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