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i was checking out some new blogs today and came across this one by stephanie (please check it out because her before/after pic is amazing!)... my rule of thumb is, if i find a new blog that's interesting, motivating, inspirational, funny and/or daily-read worthy - i'll leave a comment... so i left my usual, "hi there, love your blog, blah blah blah" and this is what she writes back...

"I have been reading your blog forever and have found some great inspiration from you so you had a hand in some of my weight loss and you didn't even notice it. Sorry I never commented before but I just never knew enough about this blogging thing until I started doing it myself! Your writing cracks me up and your "just being me" attitude is perfect and just what i enjoy!! Thanks again and you look fab yourself!"


i had a lurker, who found me inspirational, and i didn't even know it (thank you, stephanie)... now most of you would be like "how cool is that?!?!" but honestly - i feel that i've been everything BUT inspirational these days... since that 5K came and went, my jogging has been minimal - like 3x/week when i was doing 6x/week back in june... my diet has been okay but my weight has been more up than down, so no gold stars in that department... weekend exercise has been null and void and that needs to change... i know my postings have been less than interesting as of late so i feel this comment was just the kick-in-the-ass i needed - what that means, i don't know but i'll figure it out soon... :o)

i went to the store last night and decided on making samiches this week for lunch - i found this awesome 1 pt. bread (2 slices) and with roasted turkey breast, low fat provolone, and lettuce - i had a great lunch for 4 points... i also had a peach which was very tasty and i'll be having some cantaloupe for my afternoon snack... dinner will be my usual night-before weigh-in meal: a light, multigrain english muffin, laughing cow cheese, egg, and salsa verde... mmm mmm... we'll see what happens in the morning...

happy tuesday...

Chris H  – (8:18 PM)  

Now I'm thinking.. have you ever left me a comment, am I interesting enough for you??? I can't remember !

Amanda  – (9:03 PM)  

I found your blog from Roni's blog. I see your stats and your picture and the first thing I thought was there is NO WAY you are 36! You look AMAZING!!! You are doing something right b/c you look absolutely fabulous!

"the captain"  – (3:49 AM)  

Come check out my blog sometime. I am a master weight loser!!!

"The Captain Crunch Kid"

CaRoLyN  – (7:54 AM)  

Good luck on your WI today!!

You are SUCH an inspiration! Reading your blog is certainly motivational. Honestly, all of the weight loss highs that you write about are inspiring, but the lows and the struggles that you write about are often even MORE inspiring. It's comforting to know that there are other people going through the same struggles that we are. It keeps us form giving up and it creates a sense of amazing support so THANK YOU! Not only for your successes but also for your rough patches!!

~♥ Amanda ♥~  – (9:41 AM)  

you are an inspiration!!!! i've had the same thing happen with going private, i had so many people reading that i didn't know! it feels good to be one (even though i don't think i am :op )

Ro  – (9:48 AM)  

We kinda kicked this thing off together and you have been an inspiration to me every step of the way...

Have a great day!!

Dee  – (9:52 AM)  

You inspire me all the time! You always leave me nice encouraging comments & tips & suggestions! It really helps.

Amuldoon  – (2:01 PM)  

I just read you because I think you're a babe! ;)

Seriously, I found your blog through Anne's.... and was reading long before I started commenting. I was thrilled when you discovered mine! :)

PearShapedGirl  – (3:17 PM)  

How great to have a lurker! Like the others said though, she isn't the only one that finds you inspirational. You have a great way of writing and keeping a positive outlook. Not to mention that you leave some very encouraging comments on others' blogs.

Take care,

Chris H  – (3:47 PM)  

Ha ha, thanks for reassuring me mate! Nice to know you are there! Have a neat day...

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