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happy friday, everyone... and congrats to my team, the skinnie minnies, on losing a whopping 15.6 pounds this week! awesome job, ladies! keep up the great work (i promise to be in the losers column next week!)... i'm challenging them to lose 16 pounds in week #2 so let's see if we can can do it! :o)

happy hour was okay last night - i had one glass of wine (that sucked AND cost me $9) and by the time i got home, i was tired, and had a headache... my boss was showing off her new iPhone that she got for her birthday - she's so into the newest gadgets and gizmos... i have to admit - it looked pretty amazing but i doubt i'll ever get one - i hardly use the phone i have... i also spoke w/another coworker, whom i see at the gym pretty much every day, and found out her husband needs a heart transplant... he's 6th on the list for O-type and 1st on the list for B-type - i'm hoping he gets lucky soon... and speaking of organs - are YOU an organ donor? i am and it says so on my driver's license... :o)

i'm going to do something different with the weekly top 5 - sometimes, i'm all over the place so i think i may start grouping things together instead... so, i've found a few new blogs this week and i thought i would share them with you - enjoy! :o)

finding flabuless
cranky fitness
becky & heather's 30 day challenge
trials and tribulations
elastic waist

i hope you all have a great weekend - do something fun, get your exercise, drink your water, and relax... monday will be here before you know it...

happy friday...

iportion  – (4:28 PM)  

I am way into gadits but I am not planning to iPhone

a good weekend for me
would be getting a nap and time with my husband :-)
Oh yes I hope I get my Harry potter book in time. Our town has no bookstores.

Crabby McSlacker  – (3:52 PM)  

Hi Jodi,
Thanks so much for the mention of Cranky Fitness, and sorry to leave a lame "I'm going out of town" post up there instead of something worth reading. But, well, I was out of town!

Sorry to hear about your friend's husband's need for a transplant. A great reminder to make sure you're signed up to be an organ donor.

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