who's your mac daddy?

i love watching infomercials in the morning, while eating my breakfast, because by then - i'm sick of the today show and just need some background noise (gotta love the food network at 7:30am)... i came across this beauty today and actually laughed outloud - please watch the video because it's quite hilarious - can this thing really work? you tell me... so today's question is: have any of you ever purchased a fitness/weightloss item from tv? if so, what did you buy and why? and if you haven't, what product have you secretly wanted to try? i'm just curious... personally, i have tried billy banks' tae bo as well as windsor pilates but that's it... ;o)

i started a new weight routine today (since it had been over 2 months) and i may need to tweek a few things but all in all, i'm happy with what i came up with... i found some exercises on a few different websites so if you're looking for something different - check them out here and here...

i'm also finally settled at work - they took away my old PC this afternoon so i'm officially a mac-only girl (gulp)... its actually not as bad as i thought - there are a ton of things i can play with on here and who doesn't love these widgets? i could customize my desktop all day (but i won't)... :o)

this coming weekend is my friend's bachelorette/bridal shower in NJ - i hope everything works out because its been hard trying to get everything coordinated and planned while out-of-state... i started on the favors last night and need to finish gluing the sunflowers tonight - i also need to find a shower gift... i hate doing the traditional 'registry' thing so i'm hoping to find a really nice slip/robe set because what woman doesn't want something just for her? we'll see what i can find, wish me luck... :o)

happy tuesday...

KL  – (5:58 PM)  

Your 'beauty product' doesn't even look sturdy enough to hold your average fat girl. It says it holds 250 pounds, but I'd be a bit weary of that.

Good luck with the new routine!

ThickChick  – (6:18 PM)  

I once bought something called a 'Health Rider' (I think?) years ago. It kind of made the rider look like they were dry humping the air. My parents sold it at a yard sale years after I moved out. I've also purchased that Aussie green goop for hair removal (didn't work!), Windsor Pilates (never did it too much, but liked it) and Tae Bo. I think I'm finished with infomercials... unless I break down and get a Bowflex! ;)

Chris H  – (9:50 PM)  

Good luck shopping for your girlfriend.. love shopping! I have never bought anything exercise related from the TV, am too wary of it being a dud.

Anonymous –   – (11:48 PM)  

I'm not going to lie I have been tempted to try out all those weight loss gigets but I have held off. They are too expensive and I would probably lose interest after trying it 2 times. But that's just me. Your bachelorette party sounds fun. Have a great time.

~paige~  – (7:30 AM)  

I have never bought anything like that...but I have to admit that if they were still selling that spray on hair stuff I would be all over it. Not that I have any hair loss or that I would spray that crap on my scalp. I just know though, that I would not be able to resist it if I saw it right now.....

CaRoLyN  – (7:36 AM)  

I hate buying shower/wedding gifts...I always want to get soemthing really thoughful but run out of time and end up running to Walmart at the last minute!

I have never ordered any equipment from the shopping channel but I absolutely LOVE watching it, it's weird but I love watching infomercials!

Sounds like you have a fun weekend planned so enjoy it!!

Kate  – (7:56 AM)  

Good Luck with the new weight routine...good way to help give you a boost for the challenge.

I hate shopping period, so I really hate buying bridal shower gifts, I am like you, I try to find something personal, not on the registry, then I get frustrated and end up with the standard gift! Hope you enjoy the weekend!

kelly  – (9:07 AM)  

i get sucked into watching QVC...i'll sit there staring at some ugly CZ ring i would never buy. haha. but i have bought "the firm" dvd/fanny lifter/weight bar set...only like $60 and it's great. i use it every once in a while and man, it's hard! it gets all your leg muscles. i also bought billy blanks tae bo but it went so fast, i couldnt keep up with the right moves and would end up histerically laughing instead of actually moving. my mom bought windsor pilates, which is hard but i liked it. i think thats it. my mom had the thigh master when i was growing up but i've never actually tried it.

have fun at the bachelorette party! they are so fun! we always call the fiance and ask him questions and make the bride answer things like "favorite food, favorite position" haha things like that. if she gets it wrong she has to take a shot or a sip of her drink. but you can only do 5 or 6 questions so that the bride to be can still walk haha! :)

Journeys  – (9:36 AM)  

lol i always wanted to buy that ab thing that slides out from under and pulls you back...you know the one that looks like its NEVER in a million years gonna work...lol i always wanted to get it just to see if it would!

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