i need a raincoat

it's been raining for two days now and even though we desperately need the rain - it's a bit depressing... it's been colder in the mornings too, so that's just yet another sign that fall is here and winter's right around the corner... eric made fun of me last night at dinner (we went to baja fresh) because i had on jeans, a hooded-sweatshirt, AND a fleece jacket... me too warm? never in a million years... ;o)

this week has been hard and i'm glad it's over - i spoke w/another coworker this morning and she's going thru the same thing as me but much worse... she actually asked for more money (because of her workload) and they turned her down, so her job-hunt is beginning too... it's amazing how much we (the employees) are praised in staff meetings and thanked for all our hard work, and yet when it comes to compensation - they suck... anyway, i'm tired of complaining about this so i'm moving on...

this weekend i will be solo (eric's heading to pittsburgh) so my list of 'things to do' is growing by the second... after my hair appt. tomorrow (messed-up the date last week!), my mom and i are going to go shopping for a bit - more her and than me - then i'm going back to her place to help her organize some things around the house... i'm not sure what i'm doing tomorrow night but having a quiet night home, w/the kitties, sounds good to me... on sunday - i'm going to the gym, meeting a girlfriend for lunch, doing some cleaning, grocery shopping, website stuff, AND watching the redskins game... *whew* i'm tired already...

i'm sure most of you have seen 'bladerunner' so have you heard they're rereleasing the director's final cut? it's playing at an old theater in DC beginning this weekend (the kind w/a balcony and huge screen) so eric and i will be catching that for sure... i've seen some great movies there, including the director's cut of 'alien'... hmm, i'm seeing a trend here... ;o)

haven't had time to do much top 5 research so i'm just going to list some of my favorite movies - feel free to share yours as well...

—true romance
—willy wonka and the chocolate factory

have a great weekend everyone, stay dry! :o)

Living to Feel Good  – (3:01 PM)  

I am jealous you are having rain. I want some, and the cold weather too. I miss wearing coats and scarves. I'd also like to have a fire in the fire place. It was 98 the other day. I think it's suppose to be high 80s today.

Fav movies...
Napoleon Dynamite
Vince Vaughn movies
Hmmmm I'm drawing a blank. I love comedy and action.

Have a good weekend.

Chris H  – (3:44 PM)  

No chance of staying dry here either... your 'fall' is similar to our spring by the sound of it. Brrrrrrr. Hope you have a neat weekend.

angelfish24  – (6:01 PM)  

Sounds like you have a busy weekend planned. Mine is a lot os studying but I will get in a little fun too.
I notice the chill in the air too though we are getting some sun with the cold after weeks of rain. I'm not looking forward to the winter and want to shoot straight to spring.

iportion  – (6:05 PM)  

mmmmmmmm baja fresh haven't had that in over a year.
it's odd I miss taco bell good cheap and the fresco menue is ww friendly. On vacation we hit taco bell a few times.

Anne  – (7:24 PM)  

I hope the weather clears up for you soon, I agree, in the fall it can be drepressing. It's supposed to rain tomorrow, so I'm taking the oportunity to stay in the house, do some baking and make some chili!

Fave movies..hmmm off the top of my head they would have to be pretty much every 80s movie. Sixteen candles, Say Anything ect.

Erin  – (1:15 AM)  

Sounds like a lot of fun!! Hope you had a great weekend :)

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