no change this week (sorry team) but it's better than a gain, right? i indulged in a few things over the weekend (ice cream being one of them) but that's okay - i don't expect to be perfect AND have the scale reward me at the same time... i DID however take my measurements this morning and in the past month, i have lost 2 inches and since april, i have lost over a total of 7.5 inches (thanks to jogging and kick-boxing!)... so this just goes to show you that if you're concerned about your progress - focus on the tape measurement and not the scale... :o)

you will also notice the new blog design - i know it's not as pretty or elaborate as before but i felt it was time to change... i spent days trying to tweek some XML templates and just couldn't figure out how to rearrange the widgets (so much for being a design-guru!) so this is what you get for now... i'll be working on adding my favorite blogs too - the list will be much shorter this time if you'd like to be added, please let me know... :o)

i'm just counting the days til we leave for florida - my mind has been everywhere but here (work) and i'm lucky that nothing important has to be done before i leave... i'm tired of working on this logo project and cringe at the thought of all that's involved w/this huge conference next year - one of which is a website that has to be up and running by late-november... blech... my coworker is letting me borrow the harry potter book so i'll have that to read and i'll need to think of other things i can do while eric is at the conference all day... i don't want to be stuck in my room, browsing the internet, so any ideas? i plan on taking advantage of the gym/pool, and i'm also going to do some research and find out if the hotel has a spa or if there's one nearby - i think i deserve a massage... ;o)

sadly, i haven't watched BL in two weeks - this kickboxing class just screws up my schedule so i'll be glad when that's over... i don't mind one evening class a week but two, is a bit too much... i just feel so scattered and i'm not a happy camper when things are out of sorts...

speaking of out of sorts - i switched my summer/winter clothes on monday night but can't put away anything until i get back from florida... i had piles everywhere - laundry, consignment, goodwill, etc. and my shoes - oy vey, they are just piled in the corner... all in all - i feel that i have a good base, wardrobe-wise, but could still use a few good pieces like a pants suit and maybe a wrap-dress or two... and some new boots... :o)

happy hump day...

EC  – (11:24 AM)  

Hiya Jodi!!

Thanks so much for coming over to our blog and adding yourself to Our Wicked Weighs :) I hope you get a lot out of it.

I love how frank you are in your blog - it is cool to see someone blogging about their own weight loss - it really does help which is what I'm trying to get across to everyone.

I would love to feature your blog in a couple of weeks - it is blogs like yours that will really get our readership growing :)

And by the way - you are like cute as hell!! I don't know why I felt the need to tell you that LOL - I just love your hair!

Erin - Our Wicked Weighs

Sonya  – (3:47 PM)  

Unbelievable number of inches lost! Congratulations!

And thanks (as always) for your supportive comments on my blog.

Dee  – (6:08 PM)  

Can I be one of your peeps? lol!

Sizzle  – (6:46 PM)  

i like the new design. :)

mmm massage- definitely get one!

marie  – (8:16 PM)  

inches do tell the tale!

and i feel the same way when i edit XML!!! grrrrr!

angelfish24  – (9:22 PM)  

I wouldn't mind being on your peeps list though I guess I'm a relatively new reader since this challenge/spark.
Good going on losing the inches since April. That must feel good.

Anne  – (9:53 PM)  

AWESOME! Way to go on the inches, numbers mean nothing when you see results like that. Congrats!

Can I be one of your peeps? :)

Laura  – (10:08 PM)  

Congrats on the inches you've lost! You should be proud. Hope you have a great time in Florida. A massage would be wonderful! Think I just may get one of those here at home in East Texas!lol

Chris H  – (2:37 AM)  

Awesome inches lost girl~!

Mel  – (6:32 AM)  

My mom took my measurements back in January and I haven't taken them since...maybe I should do that!! It is nice to see progree even if your scale isn't showing it. Good luck next week!!

Teresa  – (11:19 AM)  

You've made wonderful progress. Congrats.

Kate  – (1:21 PM)  

Congrats on the inches lost, that is amazing! As far as the maintain this week, it's better than a gain! Congrats, I'm sure you will see a great loss next week.

ThickChick  – (3:03 PM)  

Wahoo on the inches!!! That is awesome and definitely worthy of celebration...like a massage!

Have fun in Florida...jealous of your pool time!

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