sun but no sand

i'm not sure what possessed me to step on the scale this morning but i did and it said 156.6, not bad for a pre-vacation weight, in my opinion... maybe it was because of my class last night but either way - seeing that will help me stay focused and in control while in florida... :o)

NSV: i was going to wear those grey, banana republic pants this morning (the ones i got at the consignment shop for $5) and they were falling off me... i know they weren't that lose when i bought them, so back they go - now i have to add pants to my outlet shopping list... i know, i know - stop complaining... i guess i'm just not used to seeing all this progress - on myself - it's been a long time so i'm still trying to get used to it... :o)

kickboxing was good last night - he really had us working the bag w/punches and kicks (not so many squats and pushups, thank god!)... it takes a LOT to get me sweating so i had to grin when i felt it trickle down my back at one point... i will be missing tuesday's class and then i'll only have 3 more to go before the session is done - i'm kinda sad... :o(

time for my weekly top 5, thought i would do something jean-related, since it seems to be everyone's wardrobe staple and a weightloss guide... enjoy! :o)

—find YOUR perfect pair of jeans at
grungy denim seems to be the new trend for spring 2008 says you CAN wear jeans and be pregnant (at the same time)
—looking for something new? try these organic, free-trade jeans
—tired of wearing your jeans the same way? here's how you can update your look

it's time to head to the gym so i'll catch-up w/you guys later... :o)

happy friday...

iportion  – (2:27 PM)  

GRUNGY DENIM is part of the 80's lol I don't miss.

angelfish24  – (12:27 AM)  

Way to go on seeing the scale go down and the pants that are falling off you. Mine used to but are tightening up again...uggghhh.

Chris H  – (12:36 AM)  

You are darn close to your goal weight mate.... well done!

Trish  – (7:42 PM)  

Nice weigh in! You have surpassed me by .2lbs - nice and congrats :)

TrixieBelden  – (10:39 PM)  

Congrats on the NSV! Those pants must have felt awesome! You totally have to add them to your shopping list.

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