too good to be true

i'm too busy for a real post today but just wanted to let you know DO NOT ORDER THOSE BOOTS... i received both pairs today and they are a piece of crap - they're too wide in the foot and ankle and seriously - there's so way they are 100% leather (can you say pleather instead?)... i was SO excited to find them online and even more excited when they arrived but i should've known - the deal was too good to be true... so my search continues... :o(

dinner w/my girlfriend was great last night - we went for vietnamese so i had a nice, big salad for an appetizer and then ordered their 5-spice chicken in coconut/ginger sauce... it was SO good but i stopped myself halfway thru and took the rest home (and had it for lunch today)...

no gym today (it's still closed) but i'm going to kickboxing tonight so 1:2 ain't bad... work is killing me today, my boss is in a pissy mood, and she's taking it out on us - i hate when that happens... :o(

happy thursday...

Kim  – (3:43 PM)  

Bummer about the boots! Hope that you find something WAY better!!!

Cory  – (4:21 PM)  

Sorry to hear about the boots. Oh, the dangers of shopping online...

Sizzle  – (5:18 PM)  

that sucks about the boots! i have some sites i've bookmarked with cool boots. i'm happy to share them if you'd like.


iportion  – (6:56 PM)  

Sorry to hear about your boots.

Hope kick boxing goes well.

Anne  – (8:29 PM)  

Aw, too bad about the boots. Hope you find some new ones soon!! I'm sure the perfect pair is out there.

CaRoLyN  – (8:54 AM)  

Thanks for the heads up on the boots. Sorry about the disappointment!

Hope your day gets a little better!

Crabby McSlacker  – (10:13 AM)  

Good going on the Vietnamese--both the healthy ordering and the take-home decision! I'm always happy when I stop partway and take the rest home. It's so tempting to keep going when I'm not that hungry anymore if it tastes good... but then I regret it later!

Steph  – (12:21 PM)  

Sorry about the boot debacle but holy cow on the weight LOSS!!! That is amazing......way to go and keep it up. You will be at goal in no time!

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