considering my work-mood as of late, seeing a .4 pound loss this morning was most welcome indeed... after having such a great loss last week, i was afraid that i would slip back into the old pattern of, "i can have a little bit of this and a little bit of that" and not worry what would happen... but i'm slowly beginning to realize that even though i may FEEL like i'm eating more than i should - my portions are a lot smaller than they used to be... and that's a good thing... if there's anything that i've learned on this journey, is how important moderation is to your success... :o)

so onto the work thing - yesterday was another horrible day and my boss pretty much sealed the deal for me re: finding another job... without going in to details, there were just a few things that happened that i feel were handled inappropriately and it made me realize, even more, that i deserve a lot better... i'm not at the point where i'm miserable but it's beginning and i really don't want to leave here on bad terms - it's just time for me to move on... and in order to do that, i have much work to do on my personal website (portfolio) and resume - nothing a good 2-day weekend can't handle but i hate sitting in front of the computer sat/sun when i've done so all week... once those 2 things are complete, i can then decide what/where i want to go - stay tuned!

personally, there' not much else going on really... tonight i'm dropping-off MORE clothes and shoes to the consignment shop and whatever i make - i'm putting towards the new stuff i bought in reading... i can't tell you how good it feels to be getting rid of these things - i'm not only helping someone else have nice clothes but i'm adding space to my closet... yay!

happy hump day...

~♥ Amanda ♥~  – (12:31 PM)  

congrats on the loss!!

marie  – (12:55 PM)  

yay for the loss!!

good luck redoing your portfolio and on the job hunt!

ThickChick  – (3:26 PM)  

Wahoo on the loss!

I need to start eyeing my portions a bit more carefully....they sneak up in size so easily!

As for the job... it can be scary and exciting at the same time to get out there and start looking (I'm doing it now myself!) - good luck to you!!

Amuldoon  – (4:32 PM)  

1) Great job on the loss!

2) Way to go on all the clothes purging!

Living to Feel Good  – (8:13 PM)  

Oh man you sound like me about a month ago as far as the job thing goes. You have to do what's right for you, and it sounds like you are gonna do it. I left I feel so much better. It's like once things are done or aren't done, it's hard to get over especially if you've invested a lot of your time there. Good luck, and I hope you find happier times soon.

And yes you can totally pick the mushrooms off! :)

Anne  – (9:51 PM)  

Nice loss! I will be purging clothes too this weekend and then watch out, I'm going shopping!

Best of luck regarding a new job :)

Kim  – (10:44 PM)  

Congrats on the loss!!! You are doing so great!! And thank you for all of the encouragement you give to me - it really helps. :)

Chris H  – (11:00 PM)  

Good luck on getting a new resume sorted out, and good on your for getting rid of old clothes!!! It's a neat feeling for sure.

katieo  – (11:43 PM)  

I LOVE purging my closet! It is such a good feeling getting rid of stuff you don't wear, and I agree, helping someone else out too!

and congrats on the loss!

angelfish24  – (1:52 AM)  

Sorry to hear about your being unhappy at the job. It's always a good idea to look at your options and see what else is out there.

I've had that beer can chicken you were talking about last post and it is good. It's been a long time having it though, maybe it's time for another try of it. I was looking at the ross nbc blog a while back and they were calling it 'white trash' chicken. Ha, never heard it called that before.

Teresa  – (10:56 AM)  

Congrats on the loss! Sorry to hear you're having trouble at work. Pooh. Good luck with the job hunt.

Dee  – (11:21 AM)  

Good job on keeping the momentum going!

Trish  – (10:23 AM)  

Congrats on the loss, you are beating me! I'm not sure I can get to 155.1lbs by tomorrow morning, lol - but I will try!

As for the job, too bad you are in the US and not near me...we are always looking for designers (www.davisdesign.ca) - cruddy website (being majorly upgraded) but you can see what we do. Our designers here are treated like gold and paid like it too, wish I had the talent!

Good luck in job hunting!

CaRoLyN  – (10:30 AM)  

Nice Loss! Congrats!

Good luck finding a new job. I'm sure you will have one in no time. Just keep thinking positively!

Kate  – (2:37 PM)  

Congrats on another loss!

I know it's always easy after a week of a great loss to get into the "lil of this, lil of that" attitude, but you did great....again!

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