what are YOU doing for the environment

Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day thanks to marie, i found out about blog action day and thought it would be fun to participate... i condsider myself to be a pretty 'green' person - i've always recycled and reused and think it's important that everyone do their part... regardless of how small it may be - i truly feel it CAN make a difference... so here's a list of some things that i do for the environment, please share some of your own (even if you're not participating)...

—i recycle all newspaper, junk mail, catalogs, plastic bottles, cans, etc.
—i reuse ziploc bags, unless i use them for chicken and then they are thrown-out
—i take mass-transit to work every day (metro)
—at work, i use a nalgene-type bottle for drinking water
—at work, i use my own coffee cup and silverware (not the throwaway kind)
—i use cold water when doing laundry (minus whites and towels)
—i set my heat at 68 and my a/c around 78
—i take VERY short showers
—i bring my lunch every, single day (but buy a bagel on friday mornings)
—at the gym, i use one towel for working out AND showering (i'm not a huge sweater, really)

now back to the weekend... the redskins lost yesterday and what a horrible game that was - i'm not even going to discuss it... after that mess was over, i made eric watch the last 1/2 hour of xanadu - do you remember that movie w/olivia newton john? god, it is SO horrible to watch now but i still like the music (ELO baby)... then we watched 'capote' which was really good, and THEN we watched 'willy wonka and the chocolate factory' (the original, mind you)... eric pointed out that 'snozberries' is probably another term for boogers - i never thought of it that way but it makes sense (in a sick kind of way)... leave it to a boy to think of it... jut kidding... sometimes i think we watch too much tv but there wasn't much else to do - he wasn't in the mood to take the bike out so there's always next weekend i guess... :o)

happy monday...

marie  – (6:15 PM)  


i do the same pretty much as you, plus...

-i shop with reusable bags and avoid taking plastic & paper bags from shops if at all possible
-TO has a "green bin" program where we recycle organic material so I participate in that as well

iportion  – (6:52 PM)  

I better add what I do to my blog now

Dee  – (4:31 PM)  

Wow, good for you. I'm sad to say I don't do nearly enough for the environment...but I feel inspired now!

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