can i get a drumroll, please... this week's weigh-in was the best i've had in a very, very, long time...

--> 3.2 pounds <--

i couldn't believe my eyes so i stepped on it like 5 times, just to make sure... that means i'm only 6.6 pounds away from goal which is just amazing esp. since i've been on this weightloss roller coaster for almost 3 years... i can't even fathom what that is going to be like so this should be interesting... will i be happy when i get there? will i want to lose more? will i be okay if i gain? who the hell knows but i'm pretty excited about it either way... if i can do well at losing, i can definitely handle maintenance (i think)... :o)

work has been busy, as usual, i skipped the gym yesterday and then was in a bad mood so i skipped my kickboxing again... i have ONE more class on thursday and i will be going, come hell or high water... and then today, the gym was closed because of a water heater repair so i put on my sneakers and went for a nice walk... to filene's basement... and there i got some tights, pantyhose, and 2 pair of spanx ($11.99/each) even though my goal was to look at shoes... didn't find any so i'll have to search elsewhere - need some navy heels to go w/one of my wrap dresses i got this weekend... :o)

i watched biggest loser last night and was surprised at who they sent home... he was one that i knew was going to look pretty cute when he lost weight, and i was right... love that little chin patch too! meow! ;o)

tonight's plans include dinner w/a girlfriend that i haven't seen in ages and then home, to continue reading harry potter... i swear i'm going to finish this book before then end of the month, if it kills me... :op

happy hump day...

Randi  – (5:26 PM)  

Wowsers! That's terrific! Good luck with the last 6!

Chris H  – (5:27 PM)  

Congratulations on the amazing loss !!! You deserve it mate.

Kim  – (5:34 PM)  

Holy moly!!!!! Congratulations!! What an awesome loss!!!!

Dee  – (6:15 PM)  

Awesome job! You are getting SO close to goal!

Trish  – (8:20 PM)  

Congrats on the loss, nice one!

CaRoLyN  – (9:09 PM)  

That is AMAZING Jodi!! Good for you! I'm so happy for you to see such a huge number! Hopefully I'll be following in your footsteps!

I can't believe they sent Phil home! That is ridiculous! He carried them through so many challenges. They don't have a hope in hell now!

Hope you had a great dinner!

Anne  – (9:34 PM)  

Jodi! That's such an amazing loss!! Congrats, you are so close to goal! Very proud of you.

Living to Feel Good  – (10:13 PM)  

WoooHoooOOOoOOO!!! That is fantastic Jodi!! What a fabulous time to be so close to goal too! That's an excellent Christmas present to yourself!! Nice!! :D

iportion  – (12:01 AM)  

I am so happy
you should get yourself something fab as reward '

Alea  – (1:34 AM)  

Wow, that's an amazing loss! CONGRATS!!! And you're getting so close to goal now. Go get those last 6 pounds! Very happy for you!

Greta & Gurdy  – (8:08 AM)  

AWESOME! A GREAT loss for a week AND so close to goal!! So very exciting!
I have not watched BL yet this week...can't wait to see who is gone.

Candace  – (9:57 AM)  

I'm so happy that the weight decided to move on. What a great motivator for the Christmas season.

Cory  – (10:28 AM)  

That's a fantastic loss. Great job this week. Keep it up!

marie  – (10:35 AM)  

WOWIE!!! congrats!!!

Teresa  – (10:49 AM)  

Oh so close to your goal. Big congrats on the lose. Keep up the good work.

Laura  – (11:36 AM)  

Woo-hoooooooo!! Congrats on the loss and being so close to your goal. I am so happy for your...this is a long time in the coming for you.

Blonde Chick  – (4:42 PM)  

Wow, thats GREAT! You've inspired me!

Kate  – (5:37 PM)  

Congrats on the awesome loss!

Mel  – (10:34 PM)  

Jodi, that is terrific! I cannot even begin to fathom what it will feel like when I am that close to my goal. Here's to another great week!!!

katieo  – (11:10 PM)  

Holy Crap! 3.2! That's so awesome!

(and I heart harry potter :)

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