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i just had to share some pics of our awesome dinner last night... eric had been talking and talking about this 'beer can stuffed-up a chicken' thing for ages, so we finally did it... though i was a bit skeptic - it was THE most amazing, juicy, and tender chicken i've ever had... he coated both the inside and outside w/some cajun seasoning, stuck it over 1/2 can of budweiser (on a special rack we picked-up at home depot), and grilled it for about 90 minutes... along w/that, i made some garlic mashed potatoes and green beans - totally delish and pretty healthy considering all the fat dripped in the pan... after all was said and done, i cooked the bones w/some veggies and made two containers of chicken stock - can't wait for a cold day and some homemade, chicken soup! :o)

saturday, we took a long motorcycle ride and stopped by an orchard to pick-up my fav apple right now - mutsu - they are so darn tasty! good news! i went to kohl's and found some boots that fit AND they were on sale for $30... figures i would find them somewhere local, right? i picked up a black and brown pair, a pair of cute jeans, and silver earrings as well... then i stopped by to see a girlfriend for a while, ran to the store, then home to make some dinner - eric's neighbor brought over a container of pesto so we had that over some tortellini with a nice salad and red wine... mmm mmm... we tried to watch 'borat' but couldn't get past the first 15 minutes - it was too uncomfortable to watch... :-o

on sunday, i ran to my mom's to take her some flowers for her bday and then we watched both the skins and the steelers games (yay for the redskins and boo for the steelers)... it was a pretty relaxing weekend plus the weather was gorgeous! love days like that!

work is picking-up again so i apologize for the lack of posts... in other news, my boss finally gave us our increases today - though i didn't get promoted, i'm okay with the result (for now anyway)... eric says she should have never said anything to me, because even though i was trying not to count on it - i was anyway... the other designer was given a 'senior' title, like what i have now, and i feel gipped (though i do have more experience and make more money)... is that wrong of me? i mean, she's worked her ass off and totally deserves it - yet i find myself wondering, "what am i still doing here?"... my boss said that maybe in a year, i could move up to director and then manage the other designers (if we get more) and i thought to myself, "do i really want to be here a year from now, doing the same thing, over and over?"... life sucks sometimes... :o(

happy monday...

Living to Feel Good  – (9:07 PM)  

awww I can't see the pictures. :( The meal sounds delicious though!! Congrats on the raise but what a bummer on the nonpromo. I think you do have a right to be upset over it.

Greta & Gurdy  – (8:27 AM)  

I have seen and heard about the chicken with the can up know. So glad to hear it was yummy!

Sorry about the stuff with the job....those things suck when they happen. Maybe its an opportunity for you to start looking at options and really figure out if you want to stay there.

And how bout those skins?

CaRoLyN  – (1:34 PM)  

MMM The chicken looks great!!!

Sounds like you had a great weekend and congrats on getting the increase at work. It's better than a kick in the pants right?

kelly  – (8:09 PM)  

that chicken sounds yummy. i've had beer steamed peel & eat shrimp before. YUMMY. my sister makes it but its really easy. you pour about 3 cans of beer into a pot & put the steamer on top with the shrimp in it. it's delicious.

sorry about the work situation. i can totally relate to you. in my case though the girl came in, tried to take credit for my work and then somehow got promoted (i think her and my boss have something going on). but i think ultimately make sure you're happy with what you do, enjoy it and in time, everything works itself out.

needless to say, i'm definitely on the job hunt! hope it gets better :)

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