day two

this is my 2nd day of vacation and its been very nice not having to go to work... yesterday was spent xmas shopping w/mom at the leesburg outlets and it was 11:30pm by the time i got home - when we shop, we shop hard... i got a few things crossed off my list and i also scored a nice sweater coat for myself (on sale) and convinced my mom to buy a few things for me for xmas (crate&barrel outlet kicks ass!)... today, i've been doing things around the house like straightening, organizing my sock drawer, preparing food for the week, getting clothes ready for consignment, and most importantly, catching up on blogs... i'll be heading to the gym later for weights and spin class and i might do some more shopping, we'll see... :o)

the scale read 158.4 yesterday and i was so happy but after eating out twice yesterday, i was back up to 161 this morning... so far today i've had some leftover quiche for breakfast, fruit and yogurt for lunch, and plan on making a nice, big salad for dinner... i'm hoping this will make the scale go back down for my official weigh-in but if not, no biggie... i'm still doing pretty well for the holidays... :o)

eric and i watched 'little miss sunshine' over the weekend and if you haven't seen it, i highly recommend it... we also caught the national geographic photography exhibit downtown which was pretty cool - talk about amazing pictures... sort of makes you look at animals and nature in a very different light... :o)

happy tuesday...

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The thing I try to remember during the holiday season is to just try to maintain a five point spread; especially stopping if it gets close and working out like gangbusters. I think you have a good head on your shoulders and will be fine.

Love the new look, btw!

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