weigh-in wednesday

::: LOSS :::

i can't BELIEVE i saw 158.5 on monday and 160.2 showed up on the scale this morning - which makes it a 0.2 loss for this week... WTF?!?!? i had a super-duper workout last night too - weights and an extremely hard spin class - and this is what i get? 0.2 pounds?... ugh, i'm a bit disappointed but its technically still a loss for the week - i should stop bitching and be happy, right?

day 3 of my vacation was spent w/mom again - we went to IKEA to find a tv stand for her xmas present (split between us 3 kids), then had some lunch before doing more shopping at kohl's and the mall... i woke up feeling like crap and still feel under the weather, plus i'm sore from the gym last night (different machines than what i'm used too)... even though i was home yesterday, i feel like i haven't had a chance to relax yet which was the point of my vacation... as of right now - i have NO plans for friday and that's the way its going to stay...

thursday is already looking busy: doctor's appt, dropping things off at consignment, and then meeting eric for happy hour downtown... maybe i get some R&R in between all that and oh yea, i should probably get in a workout too...

happy hump day...

snackiepoo  – (10:05 PM)  

Did you eat at Ikea? Every time I go there, I cross my little "friends of Jenny C." fingers cause it smells so good.

Maybe the workout is what did it? Either way, for the holiday season, you are smokin'!

Grumpy Chair  – (11:20 AM)  

Those little losses add up to big losses over time, so congratulations. Plus you saw the proof of all your hard work on Monday's weigh-in.

Hope you are still enjoying the vacation and I wish you a Merry Christmas.

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