another long weekend

my office announced that it will be closed on tuesday due to the NYSE being closed (we follow what they do) AND president gerald ford's funeral which means, i'll have a 4-day weekend... and if my boss lets me take off next friday (so eric and i can head to pittsburgh), i'll be working 2 days next week - how 'bout them apples... nothing like getting good news on a friday and boy does that put me in a great mood... :o)

i have been reading a lot of postings regarding new year's resolutions and what some people are planning for the new year... on vickie's blog, she asked reader's to pick one word that would describe last year - the first word i thought of was satisfied... i know its not the strongest or most powerful word but all in all, i'm pretty happy with myself... i've made progress with my weightloss, exercise routine, eating habits, and most importantly, began to love myself regardless of what the scale was telling me... could i have lost more weight? sure... could i have worked out harder? definitely... have i ever really felt like i was 'dieting'? not really and that's a big one (thank-you WW)... but the fact that i continue to make better choices, everyday, is enough to make me smile and feel that i accomplished a great deal in 2006...

as for 2007, i've never been one to make a formal new year's resolution list but i thought i would just a few things that i would like to work on...

1. quit smoking
2. work on my jogging (time and distance)
3. drink more water
4. lose another 5-10 pounds
5. continue with pilates, maybe add yoga or another class
6. take a real vacation, hopefully someplace warm and sunny
7. get engaged

i think that's a good list to start with... feel free to share your own 'goals' for the new year... i'm not sure how often i'll be posting over the weekend so i'd like to take this opportunity and wish you all a very happy and safe new years... see you all in 2007... :o)

happy friday...

iportion  – (8:13 PM)  

1. Buy a new book
2. Learn a new skill
3. Exercise

Belladora  – (8:57 PM)  

Ugh, new years...resolutions...I'm in denial!

Chris  – (9:13 PM)  

Great resolutions. Quitting smoking and doing better with running go hand in hand. Have a great l-o-n-g weekend!

Vickie  – (6:02 AM)  

Helen who happens to be a friend of mine from college( quit smoking a while back - and is STILL not smoking - after many, many years of the habit - she is on her way to NY for the holiday weekend to visit her sister - but she might be a good place to check in for ideas. I think I remember that she actually went on an anti-depressant to help quit.
I have often wondered about hypnotism (sp?) - do you know anyone that has triend that?

Sizzle  – (1:29 PM)  

quitting smoking was the nicest thing i ever did for myself. you can DO it!

happy new year,

Vickie  – (12:33 PM)  

Have a safe and wonderful New Years!!!

Teena  – (8:13 PM)  

Very nice goals! Alas, I've fallen off the wagon in the last six months or so but that's life. I'll be back on track on Weight Watchers tomorrow.

Helen  – (3:30 PM)  

Hi Jodi,

I'm back from NYC and see that Vickie has sent you my way. Would be happy to chat about my quit smoking journey...I'm finding that the weight loss thing is very similar in a lot of ways. I had some great tools in my quit (yes, Wellbutrin was one and an on-line support group was a life line) and am more than happy to share!! I've been quit for nearly 4 years now...and, believe me, I smoked (and tried to quit) for a LONG time before it finally "took". :-)

Good luck!

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