weigh-in wednesday

::: GAIN :::

i'm actually thrilled that the scale only read a one-pound gain since last week considering all the food i've been eating and lack of exercise (and eating pizza for dinner last night)... one part of me was like, "why bother starting fresh when this is a short week and i'll be out of town this weekend" but the other part of me is back on track and it feels pretty good... i'll also be heading to the gym in a few minutes and am not looking forward to my workout sans iPod (at home)...

hope you all had a great new years... eric and i were dog-sitting for his brother until 5:00 and since we didn't have plans to go out, we spent the evening watching 'alien' and 'aliens' on his new tv and of course, dick clark's rocking new years special... after being single for so long, its nice having someone to kiss at midnight so it was a perfect night for me... he's still getting over a cold so i hope he feels better by the time we head to pittsburgh on friday for his family's christmas... and after that, the holidays will officially be over for me and the next thing will be foot surgery... ack!

happy hump day...

p.s. if i wanted to see if my WW points have changed, do i need to be a member of e-tools?

Anne  – (2:14 PM)  

I think you do need to be a member to see the points change. You mean with the new system right? Email me if you want me to figure it out for you.

Hilly  – (6:31 PM)  

I completely know what you mean! Any minor gain after a holiday period is okay with me too!

Living to Feel Good  – (10:03 PM)  

1 pound is nothing. I am anxious to see how bad or good I do on Sunday. I would be happy with 1lb, but I think I would be sad with 2lbs. I am working hard though, been OP and working out, so hopefully I am reversing some of the damage.

Jeni  – (10:31 PM)  

That's great that you're only up one. I bet it'll be back off by next week. You go!

Teena  – (12:06 AM)  

Sounds like you had a good weigh in considering.

I do WW online. I can check your points if you want.

Greta & Gurdy  – (11:16 AM)  

ohh, 1 pound is not bad at all. Not at all.

I do think you need to be a member. I would do it for you (through their online quiz) but once you have done it once it auto recalls all your info and only lets you change a couple of things in the quiz. And it uses the weight you tracked in with this week. Its sort of a pain actually because I wanted to do for hubby. I know the written quiz is in a new book I got at meeting but I can't find that. I lost a point with the new program but it seems to be working fine for me.
Good luck!

Becky  – (12:51 PM)  

Hi Jodi!
Happy New Year!
I hope you and yours had a beautiful holiday season filled with warmth and love :)
Thank you for all your support always, I am most certainly going to look into that.

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