today was the first day i felt like cabin fever was taking over... my two girlfriends and their boys stopped by this morning so that was fun, i also got another surprise - my best friend sent flowers and her hubby (who delivers flowers for a living) dropped them off... i don't think he was expecting a living room full of babies but all was good, it was nice having some attention other than max for a change... the only other thing i accomplished, besides taking a nap, was finding some cute document storage containers online... i ordered 2 sets so they should be here next week - just wish i could work on it now so i may go thru my bookshelf anyway and then when the boxes are here, it will be easier to organize... :o)

on a different note, my neighbor above me decided to play his music pretty loud around 12:30am last night so i took my crutch and banged on the ceiling... all was good for a while until him and his girlfriend decided to have sex, so i had to listen to that for almost 2 hours... who has sex for that long?!?! not that i could hear EVERYthing but you'd have to be pretty stupid to not know what was going on... so needless to say, i was wide awake and pretty pissed off - last time i glanced at the clock it read 2:30am... i hate nights like that esp. when i knew i had to be up early and bathe, which takes a bit longer now, before my friends came... i hope i'm not wide awake again tonight or it won't be pretty...

i'm beginning to feel a bit blah as well but that's expected for being home i guess... i haven't done any exercising so my goal for tomorrow is to do a pilates workout... food has been okay but am noticing an urge to snack more and i'm off my normal
schedule too which doesn't help... today i had cereal for breakfast, a skim cinnamon dolce latte from starbucks, one xmas cookie, a WW lasagna for lunch, some triscuits and cream cheese for a snack, and then a great chicken salad for dinner... i'll stick to my popcorn for later when i watch 'dirt'... i haven't been counting points either and will probably not weigh-in tomorrow - i may save that for the wednesday after i get my pins out... the next 6 weeks are going to be so hard esp. since i can't go to the gym and kick-out 45 mins. on a machine...

happy tuesday...

Anne  – (8:20 PM)  

Aw cabin fever sucks. Make sure you have lots of good books and movies.

Your neighbors - lol so not cool!

Sonya  – (12:23 AM)  

Thanks so much for your lovely comment on my blog!

And I absolutely *hate* it when you can hear other people having sex. That happened to me in my old apartment, and when we were in a hotel this summer in San Fran. Ugh.

I'm looking into that latte at Starbucks..sounds delish! Is it new?

metamorphose  – (4:10 PM)  

It's so hard to keep up with dieting and whatnot while recovering from surgery.

Your neighbors! Bah! Booo!

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