weigh-in thursday

::: LOSS :::

it was nice to see a loss on the scale yesterday morning, i'm down to 161 again and would like to keep it there but i'm not going to kill myself knowing exercise will be few and far between for the next few weeks... my refrigerator and freezer are full w/healthy things so at least i have good choices to make while home bound... eric took great care of me yesterday and this morning but is gone now and i'm on my own til my mom visits tomorrow... a couple of friends are going to visit over the next week so i'll have some company, plus i have a list of small projects i can tackle that don't require standing... then again, i may just watch the food network and other shows that i can't enjoy while at work - such is the life of being home...

surgery went well, i told the anesthesiologist to give me more happy juice since last time i was sort of awake - he asked why i didn't say anything i said, "i couldn't talk and if i did, it wouldn't have made sense"... he must've really given me a dose cus i don't remember anything after tasting the horrible meds in my mouth and drifting off to sleep... waking up was no fun and was quite out of it for about 2 hours, i was crying in the car on the way home and felt so silly... eric was very patient and quite helpful carrying me over his shoulders to my apt. since i was still too woozy for my crutches... he is my hero! i was good for most of the day, didn't get my vicoden RX filled since i feared it would only make me sick... by 9:00pm though, the pain came and was very unpleasant esp. when trying to fall asleep but its much better today.. i'd rather not take anything and just let my body mend on its own...

i just want to thank those who wished me well, it means a lot... i don't think i've ever gotten 13 comments on a post before so that made my day... i should probably lay down for a while and give my foot a rest, i'll try and catch-up w/everyone's blog later today...

happy thursday...

Vickie  – (12:41 PM)  

glad that things went well - I was wondering and hoping for you. Pain RX makes me sick as a dog and messes up my GI system for weeks - so I am with you on that one. Take it easy.

Ro  – (1:25 PM)  

Hey sorry I missed the wishing wellw window but I was inable to post. I am happy to see everything went well and I hope you ENJOY your time at home.

metamorphose  – (2:40 PM)  

So happy the surgery went well! And that you have Eric to take care of you. Watch a lot of good/bad TV!

Vickie  – (5:49 PM)  

Janice Taylor
Our Lady of Weight Loss
Is on Discovery Health
TONIGHT at 9:30pm
(Check local listing to confirm time zones)

k  – (6:48 PM)  

I missed your other post...I's so glad that things went well for you. I get all teary after anesthetic too...I think it's sort of common. I go tomorrow for my next epidural and trigger point injections...woohoo! Happy healing.

Anne  – (8:23 PM)  

glad to hear it all went well, now rest up :)

Kim  – (10:03 PM)  

I'm so glad to hear that all went well! Feel better soon!! :)

Amanda (dean75)  – (11:41 PM)  

hey! i'm glad things went well with your surgery! i feel like an oaf, complaining about my braces when you went in for surgery! LOL!!! take care of yourself!

the veggie paparazzo  – (2:31 PM)  

Hope you feel better soon!

I, too, have found that the pain isn't so bad after surgery if you can manage the first couple of days.

Vickie  – (4:18 PM)  

I had taped Discovery last night - fast forwarded through the tape and saw that SHE IS on his (something like Don Ho - but I don't think that is quite right) show Next Thursday at 9pm. Set your VCR!!!

duenneschen  – (8:12 PM)  

yeah for the loss and glad to hear everything went well!!!

enjoy the time not having to do anything.

duenneschen  – (8:14 PM)  
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Belladora  – (10:17 PM)  

It is so hard for me to get online these days. I'm really glad to hear you are doing ok!!!!

Vickie  – (11:35 AM)  


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