weigh-in wednesday

::: GAIN :::

small gain this week but considering what i put in my mouth while in pittsburgh, i'm glad its not more... someone from another dept. saw me in the coffee room and asked if i was losing weight, she said i looked really good... so regardless of my small gain, i got a compliment, and feel pretty good... i've been to the gym everyday this week and plan on making it to at least one spin class this weekend... i'm also going to try and drink more water, some days i hardly drink any and i know it would help flush things out...

question: since i'm going to be unable to do cardio while my foot is healing (6+ weeks), i will be doing pilates, yoga, arms, and maybe some leg stuff on the floor... do you have a favorite DVD that you use? i really like windsor pilates but wouldn't mind trying something else and oh yea, i can't stand denise austin - something about her voice makes me want to scream!

the doctor's office called to discuss next week too - seems my appt. has been moved up to 9:00am so that means i'll be home sooner and driving eric nuts w/my grogginess... i can't eat after midnight OR before surgery so that means no coffee - might have to make eric stop at starbucks before we get home... i'm also excited about seeing norman, he plans on bringing him over to keep me company (as well as max)... i've also been told that he's bringing over the xbox so i have that to play with as well - boys and their toys, let me tell you... doesn't he know that i'd rather watch the food channel? geesh...

happy hump day...

Greta & Gurdy  – (3:31 PM)  

Even with a small gain (we all had them over the holidays!) getting a compliment like that makes you feel great!! Its such a great motivation to hear people say they can SEE the changes. Congrats!!

Good luck with the foot. I don't do DVDs (I don't do much of anything outside the gym) but I'm sure someone will have a great suggestion.

Anne  – (3:58 PM)  

Small gain is all good, it will come right off.

iportion  – (2:36 AM)  

I hope you heal up soon.

Vickie  – (6:15 AM)  

you can just turn the volume off and put your own music on too.

I use the pause button a lot - I do more reps, or slower reps - and then just push play again for the next set.

Good luck!!!

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