sorry i haven't posted, things are going as well as can be expected - i'm probably up moving around more than i should but i'm finding that being bored isn't something i'm good at, esp. while home... prime example: i finally got around to filling my spice jars yesterday and because i had to make room on my counter, i basically reorganized my kitchen and half of my cabinets... call it mild-OCD but i can't stand it when things aren't in the right place - i'm happy with the result and even got rid of half my cookbooks that were old or that i don't use...

eric came over, brought norman along, and made me breakfast before heading to the shop to work on his bike... other projects included setting up quicken on my computer so i can budget my money better and getting things ready for my taxes... two of my girlfriends will be visiting later today so the company will be well-received, they also say we're going to get our first snow but i'll believe it when i see it... figures it would happen when i'm home...

my foot is better but there are times when it really hurts - not sure if i'm feeling the pins or the stitches or both... i go back to the doctor tomorrow to get my bandages changed so i'll get my first glimpse of how my toes really look (hopefully straight!)... unfortunately, my left foot is slowly showing signs of the same problem so i just pray that it doesn't escalate quickly... it would be nice to not have two foot surgeries in the same year but if it comes to that, i'll deal as best i can...

guess that's all for now so i'll be back tomorrow with another update... thanks again for your well-wishes, it really means a lot...

happy sunday...

iportion  – (1:15 PM)  

I would love it if I could take a nap after church

Belladora  – (8:45 PM)  

Hang in there!!!!

Sizzle  – (9:44 PM)  

glad people are stopping by to break up the boredom. :)

Vickie  – (7:00 AM)  

Glad things are going well - try to relax and enjoy the down time and not be up too much. think of all the blogging you can do - movies - books - maybe a bath if you are really good and balancing your foot on the side - I have had two leg casts and got really good at it - the trick is to let all the water out and dry off - before you try to get out.

Tiff  – (9:03 AM)  

glad to hear you're feelingbetter... I re-organized my kitchen last weekend and it felt so good; this weekend I did my pantry closet! Take it easy... try to enjoy some relaxation time =)

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