i did something this morning that the doctor would probably frown upon - i drove to the store and was quite thrilled to be independent again... considering the store is like 1/4 mile away, i figured i would see what happened and in all honesty - it was fine... i know i drove last time i had this surgery and that was more severe since 4 toes had pins but since i only have 2 pins, it didn't seem as bad... granted, i have to walk a lot slower but i can't tell you how great it was to be doing something for myself and not have to depend on anyone... i'm just very uncomfortable with being 'taken care of' when i'm so used to being the one taking care of others... anyway, the trip was well worth it and i also made a stop at 7-11 for some york peppermint patty cappuccino - mmm mmm... :o)

i'm anxious to be back at work and can't wait to be on a normal schedule again - this goes for food and exercise especially... most days, i did pretty well but there were others where i could've been a lot better... this "i'll be more strict once i'm back at work" way of thinking probably hasn't done me any good so i hope i haven't reversed all my hardwork - time will tell when i officially weigh-in a few weeks from now... i'm also not sure how much i'll be able to do at the gym, if anything, so i'll have to ask the doctor on tuesday when i get my stitches out... i plan to continue w/my pilates at least so i'll do what i can for the time being...

i hope you're having a great weekend... happy sunday!

Kim  – (1:51 PM)  

Hi Jodi!! Hey, I wanted to tell you - I was at Michael's this weekend and they have a whole new line of home office/organizational bins and baskets. I think that they are VERY cute, and I wanted to give you a heads up in case you are still looking.

Congrats on the successful driving. I'm not good at being taken care of either - even when it is the thing that I need. :(

Take care, and keep on feeling better!!!

Amanda (dean75)  – (7:43 PM)  

good job on getting out! that probably felt really good! i know what you mean about being taken care of, i'm the one that always does the taking care of and i'm not used to it the other way around. it's definitely hard to change!

KL  – (11:31 PM)  

Be careful with the driving!

I used to live in Texas and miss 7-11. We don't have them in Atlanta. Peppermint Patty sounds yummy. I miss slurpees.

I'm glad you're up and about. It must be great to feel a little more independent. Remember, though, your loved ones wouldn't take care of you if they didn't want to!

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