16 hours and counting

24 hours from now, i'll be home recuperating from foot surgery and being taken care of by eric and norman... he was asking me about pain meds and i said i usually don't take what the doctor gives me, cus it makes me sick in the stomach... the first day or so is the worst and after that, its just more annoying than anything since i can't walk on it... good thing my desk chair has wheels but its not easy rolling over carpet! i have a few last-minute things to take care of like grocery shopping and buying beer (for eric) but other than that, i'm ready... i even enjoyed my last run on the treadmill today, god knows when i'll be able to do that again...

in other news, i decided to watch '24' this season - i skipped season 5 because i felt overloaded esp. with watching LOST but am happy to be back on the jack bauer bandwagon... he IS looking quite hot these days, if i do say so myself (meow!)... there was an interesting cast interview on larry king last week, not sure how many of you caught that but it was really good... anyway, i thought the first 4 shows were excellent and am looking forward to what happens next week... if you watched it, then you'll know what i'm talking about...

guess that's all for now, not sure when i'll post again but hopefully i'll be feeling up to it on friday... maybe i'll post a pic or two...

happy tuesday...

Anne  – (7:17 PM)  

good luck tomorrow! I'm sure everything will be fine. Mmmm Jack :)

Greta & Gurdy  – (8:12 PM)  


I skipped last season of 24 for the same reason, just too many shows to watch and so little time, even with the DVR. But I recorded the 2 season premiers so I think I'll be hooked again.
We'll be thinking of you :)

Kim  – (9:55 PM)  

Best of luck tomorrow!! Get better soon! :)

Sizzle  – (10:19 PM)  

best of luck tomorrow! take care.

KL  – (12:29 AM)  

Best of luck with the surgery! We'll all be thinking of you.

I'm not into the hour-long dramas ... it seems like such a time commitment. Of course, I watch American Idol, which is a total waste of my brain, but I get hooked!

iportion  – (2:12 AM)  

Good luck.
I hope you're in less pain.

Dee  – (9:52 AM)  

Hope all goes well and you're back on your feet soon.

Grumpy Chair  – (10:31 AM)  

I raising my coffee cup to you for a speeding recovery.

metamorphose  – (3:49 PM)  

Good luck tomorrow! I'll be sending good thoughts your way!!

metamorphose  – (3:49 PM)  

Oh wait a minute, it's already tomorrow! I hope you heal fast, and get well soon!

duenneschen  – (8:39 PM)  

Best of luck tomorrow!!!!

I'll be thinking of you!

Teena  – (10:16 PM)  

Good luck with your surgery!

My husband loves "24" ... he's so excited that it's back on.

Tiff  – (10:21 AM)  

hey girl... just wanted you to know I was thinking of you and hoping your resting comfortably...

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