call me miss organization - i got both my bookshelves done AND went thru my portfolio samples (i have a tendancy to keep everything so it felt good to let some things go)... i got up around 10, had some breakfast, flipped between 'ellen' and 'the view,' and then started on my projects... the maintenance guys were also here - i've been having some issues w/my tub faucet so i think its finally fixed... yee haa!

eric wanted to know if i wanted a change of scenery so i'm going to take him up on the offer and go over to his place tonight and stay til saturday morning... this will be AFTER we go to red lobster for dinner - i don't go there very often but won a $25 gift certificate for the pumpkin-carving contest in october and want to use it (shrimp fest, here i come!)... max will be coming along so i'll have both kitties to keep me company during the day - might as well enjoy my last day off before the weekend cus its back to work on monday... funny thing - i'm actually looking forward to getting back into my routine and being around people again... :o)

food has been good for today but i skipped pilates since my abs are pretty sore from yesterday's workout... i AM bringing it w/me though and will do it tomorrow so at least i'll have gotten in 2 workouts this week... :o)

happy thursday...

metamorphose  – (6:16 PM)  

Yay for sore abs! And have a biscuit for me at Red Lobster. Those tasty garlicy delights. haha

iportion  – (6:43 PM)  

I want lobster and crab :-)

You reminded me I have to go get to my weight training.

Sorry about the abs

Kim  – (8:38 PM)  

Sounds like you are making great use of your time away from work! You go girl!!!! :)

Becky  – (9:19 AM)  

I'm so glad you are having a smooth recovery :)
work those pilates, girlfriend!

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